Amnesty International has nearly lost it’s grip entirely.

Where to begin…

Discriminating against beliefs and against behavior is not just rational, it is critical. Would A.I. tell a Jewish company that they were guilty of discrimination if they refused employment to fully uniformed members of the SS? Clearly yes. As that behavior would ‘foster anti nazi sentiments’.

Why is it all these lefty groups seem to think that the Muslim propensity towards hatred and violence against non-Muslims in every instance where there numbers allow it is just fine but any attempt to select away, even passively such as not hire them is somehow a crime worthy of an international organization?

I would hope that a government that forces private people to hire those who are not healthy for the organization or the other employees, those are the governments that groups like AI should actually cencure. Affirmative action for example. The notion that systemic racism can somehow make up for perceived racism and only selectively applied (How many white waiters do you see in Chinese Restaurants for example?) should be grounds for AI. Instead, they demand this kind of mandatory racism.

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  1. The more this bunch of graduates in Whiteness Studies called “Amnesty International” turn an intentional blind eye on the systematic wipe out of the western societies and the ongoing jihad, the more pathetic they turn. They might eventually change their name to “Sharia International”.

  2. The left knows they have to destroy Western Culture before they can implement their socialist world government, thus any move to protect any form of western culture is evil.

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