Swedish Teamsters-union train thousands of thought police.

There is so much wrong exposed by this clip (Thanks to Snaphanen.dk for finding and translating it for us all) but I will only list a few.

first of all, we all know that ‘labour-unions’ are inherently political devices and have little if anything to do with workers rights anymore. Often in fact, working against them. Even knowing this, should not make it any less outrageous when unions abuse their power to influence federal politics directly and force their members to act, think, or vote a certain way. However this is the least of the outrages in this clip. The fact that this union is training thousands of thought-police who will jump down your throat at the mere questioning of policies such as wide-open-immigration etc. and have the temerity to claim this is ‘debate’ and that they are training ‘debaters’.  And the fact that these people are being trained to reflexively equate questioning immigration with racism and xenophobia is proof of their Frankfurt School credentials.

Questioning why your country is allowing tens of thousands of, for example, Somali Muslims who are taught from birth to view women in savage ways, to loath the culture of people who do not subscribe to Islamic orthodoxy and who are grotesquely over-represented in crime statistics, both violent and mere fraud, is neither xenophobic nor racist. While Somali loathing of the host culture they moved to for a target rich environment actually is.

And that’s just for openers.

Thank you Snaphanen for this revealing clip.

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3 Replies to “Swedish Teamsters-union train thousands of thought police.”

  1. Just one more reason to get rid of unions. Saying that there are too many immigrants is not racist. Once again, saying that there are too many immigrants is not racist.

  2. Earlier this evening, I visited the Dutch embassy in Brussels, which held a guided tour of their art collection. The speaker who gave the introduction informed the audience that “particular care was given to the construction and design of their embassies worldwide, so as not to offend sensibilities using structures, themes and/or COLORS that are locally judged inappropriate.” The degree to which these people are pathetic degenerate weaklings, in bending over backwards to accommodate the feelings of primitives, while the parasitic, seditious insults inflicted on our culture by those same primitives, have overtime grown from a trickle to a never ending stream, is well and truly DISGUSTING.

  3. The Unions are showing their true colors, they are out for power for their leaders and screw the workers and their rights.

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