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3 Replies to “Frank Gaffney: Islamic infiltration of the US polity video #2”

  1. This is really good information which is well presented. It’s a lot easier than doing hours of research yourself, which many of us have done. Here, the work is done for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to educate yourself about the worst threat to our freedoms that we have or ever will encounter.

    The end game is final and if we lose we will regret it for what’s left of our miserable lives, and make no mistake, if we lose our lives will indeed be miserable.

  2. I don’t agree with his analysis that a lot of muslims have no taste for sharia. When push comes to shove, 80-85% will proudly parade in the wake of Al Quaeda, the Taliban, and the Muslim Brotherhood. If they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t be muslims.

  3. Fred I don’t think he said that they wouldn’t follow the strict islamists, just that they don’t want to follow them. They will act as their own survival dictates, which in this case is making a show of following sharia.

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