Stunning myopia by the Mustard who slapped Tommy Robinson

H/T EDL Buck

As you watch, try to remember his incredulity at how other people dress, as he sits in public in a full evening gown and sandals, and his mocking tone at those who would follow those who have actually cultivated real skills, while expecting people to follow him because he learned a few lines from an 8th century tomb of murder, rape, horror and slavery.

Of course, the double irony here is that no one really wants to follow Lady Gaga or any other pop-star. They might want to incorporate bits of their fashion sense and thats all. This bearded clam expects people to imitate him, his ideas, his politics and violence and so on to the letter of Islamic scripture as he reads it to be.

There really is nothing more short sited and hypocritical than Islam and I mean hypocritical in the genuine sense, not the perverted Islamic one.

Here below is the same Mustard in a ball gown slapping Tommy after gratuitous adhominem attacks

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7 Replies to “Stunning myopia by the Mustard who slapped Tommy Robinson”

  1. “We need to become pimps and thugs”
    Well fuck me youz cunts already doing that!
    Saif al pisslam
    next time I see you on a demo, you better pray the police grab me first ya cunt!

  2. I tried to say something about this clip but the only thoughts floating in my mind are words like baboons, jungle, prehistoric times . . . I finally gave up. I wouldn’t want to insult the baboons.

  3. Not that I like the music of Lady Gaga but choosing between her and the bearded clam would be the easiest thing in the world. If these eidiots get the chance they will destroy everything beautiful and decent and drag us down to their koranderthal and barbaric level.

  4. Robin Shadowes said, “they will destroy everything beautiful and decent” .. in the world

    Sounds as that line is coming right out of lord of the rings. Where it is very simply an epic fight between good and evil.

  5. Did he have Cocoa Puffs for breakfast or is that goat poo in his beard?

    The walking stenchbag of Grey Poupon that is, not Tommy.

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