EDL will march despite death threats to leader

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On Sunday Express:


English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, has been warned by police there is a threat to his safety, ahead of the group’s upcoming protest march through Luton on May 5.

The ‘Osman warning’ document, as it is known, details that police are in receipt of intelligence that indicates a threat to cause Mr Robinson serious physical harm over the coming weeks.

The document reads ‘An EDL march is planned for Saturday, May 5 and together with the planned march and TV programmes it is believed that tensions have risen against both the EDL and yourself as the leader of the EDL’.

But Mr Robinson (pictured) said that he isn’t concerned by the warning and the march will go ahead.

He said: “This is just scare tactics to try to stop us going ahead with the protest through Luton.

“If we cancelled the march I’d be letting them win.

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3 Replies to “EDL will march despite death threats to leader”

  1. I hope the police will do their job and protect this most valuable citizen of their country. Cancelling the march is not an option as it will signal weakness and defeat to the Islamists.
    Needless to say, an investigation must be made to find out who is threatening Mr. Robinson and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

  2. @ramjetejmar
    That’s the problem. Apparently the police do know who the culprit is and are doing nothing. It seems they are under some sort of directive by some faceless wonders and it’s been going on for years. Britain’s politicians reek more of corruption by the day and still blind fools keep believing them and voting for them.

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