UK in desperate need of some kind of knife or frenzy control

Daily Mail:

‘Insane’ husband who stabbed wife 120 times in frenzied killing walks free from court less than a year later

By Pamela Owen

PUBLISHED: 03:38 EST, 14 April 2012 | UPDATED: 04:09 EST, 14 April 2012

A killer declared insane after stabbing his wife to death less than a year ago walked free after a court heard he has recovered.

Farrukh Malik knifed Sarwat, his partner of 37 years, more than 120 times during the frenzied attack at their north London home after suffering ‘depressive psychosis’ following the death of his mother.

But the 66-year-old accountant, who is now living with his brother in Slough, Berkshire, was set free after a judge ruled he had no power to detain him because of medical reports which state he is no longer a danger.

Farrukh Malik who was declared insane has been allowed to walk free from courtFarrukh Malik who was declared insane has been allowed to walk free from court

The fears of one psychiatrist, who warned his condition could deteriorate again, were set aside after two other doctors said he was a low risk.

Malik a father-of-two, must continue with medical treatment for the next two years.

Setting him free, Judge Gerald Gordon stressed the order was ‘not a punishment’.

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4 Replies to “UK in desperate need of some kind of knife or frenzy control”

  1. What a pathetic place the UK is. Every Jan 02, I look at photos posted on several UK newspaper sites showing drunken british people after their new years parties; puking on the street.

    What a sad island it has become.

    We need an electronic version of hadrian’s wall to block out any pink skinned lymies to get out.

    Sadly I am hearing that accent spoken in Montreal. Makes me puke when I hear it. Must be more and more of them in TO; here to escape from that muslim country but also to spread their lib lefty filth.

    Winston must be barfing in his grave. what a sad insult to the men who saved that miserable good for nothing but puking island from the germans

  2. I like to think that the Brits who escaped to Canada are the ones who are smart enough, prescient enough, and observant enough to be an asset to us as a sort of advanced scout. But I suspect you are more right than wrong.

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