Sheikh arrested in Indian bomb explosion investigation

An explosion in Metiabruz in the Kolkata Port area last Sunday left two people dead and six injured.

A police investigation has since led to the arrest of Shiekh Zahidur Rahman, who is accused of storing bombs on the ground floor of the building.

Police have also accused the building’s developer Munna and two of his aides, Kalim Ansari and Haroon, of being involved in the storing of the bombs, for terrorist purposes.
The explosion, which appears to have gone off accidentally, ripped through the building, destroying six walls and even tearing cracks in the top floor.

The deceased have been named as Razia Begum, 32, and Sameer Khan, 20.

Kalimuddin, a resident of the building, told the Times of India, “There was a huge sound. For a few seconds, I could see nothing due to the rubble even as shrieks rang out from all across the ground floor. When I regained my senses, we all… read more.

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