Father tried to mow down his daughter after boyfriend proposed to her

Wow 300 hours of community service! That’l learn em!


Tariq Hussain was described as a family man and a ‘pillar of the community’ in court.

12 April 2012 14:20 GMT

Father tried to mow down his daughter after boyfriend proposed to herCourt: Hussain was convicted of endangering the couple’s lives. Pic: © STV

A father attempted to mow down his daughter because he did not want her to marry her boyfriend.

Tariq Hussain, 51, drove his Honda at Saheer Hussain and her partner Adeel Abriham after he asked for Ms Hussain’s hand in marriage.

He chased Mr Adeel out of the family home on Westfarm Grove, Cambuslang, before making after the couple in his car.

Hussain was convicted by a jury at Glasgow Sheriff Court of a breach of the peace and attempting to hit the couple with his car to the danger of their lives.

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  1. Read the comments page on the STV web page. Once again I bet If I went to run over my daughter I wouldnt get 300hrs community service.I thought the courts were there to discern if people were lying bastards.

  2. The tragedy of forced marriage and honour killing could have been avoided if the poor girls were educated in a single sex state funded Muslim schools by female Muslim teachers. Educational attainment rises quite significantly if boys and girls are educated separately. The tragedies are an eye opener for all those Muslim parents who send their children to state schools where they are exposed to non-Muslim teachers who have no respect for Islamic faith and Muslim community and do not understand the needs and demands of the Muslim children. Muslim schools are crucial for Muslim children because western education makes a man/woman stupid. The hypocrisy of the Western society is clearly seen whereas an Australian Judge failed to jail nine males who admitted gang-raping a 10-year old aborigine girl in 2005, saying the victim probably agreed to have sex with them and a UNICEF Photo of the year shows, a bridegroom, 40, with his 11-year old bride in Afghanistan. In my opinion, a UNICEF photo of the year must show a nine year British girl having a baby and another photo showing a gang of teenage girls with anti-social behaviour and vomiting out side a pub, thanks to binge drinking. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Muslim schools are the solutions and not a problem. They help to strengthen community cohesion, not undermine it. Muslim schools stand as shining beacons of light, serving as one of the most crucial factors which protect Muslim children from the onslaught of Eurocentricism, homosexuality, racism and secular values and traditions. They need to be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time they need to be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. Muslim schools are not only faith schools but also bilingual schools. Infact, bilingualism is an asset and not a problem as perceived by the British education system. There is a positive co-relation between language and culture. English language is associated with western culture.

    The silent majority of Muslim parents would like to send their children to Muslim schools but there are not enough schools to go by. The only alternative left is either British Government should introduce voucher system for parents to choose the school of their choice or designate all those state schools as Muslim community schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. There are hundreds of state schools where Muslims are in majority. Such schools may be handed over to Muslim educational Trusts or charities for their management. They are in a better position to educate Muslim children in accordance with their needs and demands. This demand is in accordance with the law of the land because there are state schools already managed by private companies. Muslim community is not asking for a favour. It is their legal right.

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