North Korea 5 day launch of what is 98% certainly an ICBM

Many people I know ask, ‘Why not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons? After all, Israel, the US etc. have them, right?’ the answer of course is the ‘bully’ factor. Since N. Korea developed even crappy nukes, they have upped their level of geopolitical belligerence quite a bit, sinking a South Korean naval vessel killing over 40 sailors in peace time and firing artillery at a South Korean Island, both incidents without warning or causus-Belli, although arguably creating one.

Most recently NORK warned the world that any attempt to interfere with the launch of what is clearly an ICBM, and likely a catastrophically dangerous one as it’s chances of hitting nearly anyone other than its actual target is close to 100%, would result in horrific consequences, clearly implying the use of a multi-kiloton nuclear device.

This warning was extended to include ‘anyone attempting to recover parts of this multi-stage launch vehicle as well.

It stands to reason that Iran with it’s degree of ideological zealotry at least equal to North Korea’s would be as problematic for the world and given its proximity to what remains a top level strategic resource repository of the world, considerably more.

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  1. I see this argument all the time by complete idiots, drawing an equivalence to Israel having nukes to radical regimes having them.

    All mentalities are NOT equal.

    A weapon in the hands of a psychopath with murderous intent is far different from the same weapon in the hands of someone responsible.

    This should not be a difficult concept for even a leftist to grasp, but apparently it is.

  2. Dallas:

    Even some close and lifelong friends of mine use that laughable bit of relativism. I usually point out to them that they, in fact, are correct. And by the same token, the government should buy the Mafia and street gangs automatic weapons and high speed cars, as after all, the police have them so it seems really preposterous that organized criminals should be at such a disadvantage.

    That actually shuts them up now and again.

  3. Ah the art of pointing out flaws in logic – I used to consider it to be the art of rhetoric, now I call it the business of survival. Good one, thanks, I’ll use it!

  4. Latest news, missile goes oops, this makes number 4 from the media releases. Best part is, they told us that “dear leader” had a hand in every aspect of the design, building, fueling, launching etc to show is evil capatalist pigdog westerners how magnificent he is. missile goes oops to show us how uberawesome “dear leader” truly is, lets hope he keeps his finger on the pulse like this one, nk will never get off the launch pad with “dear leaders” uberawesome leadership and uberawesome intelligence.

  5. Given enough time NK will manage to build a reliable missile, just as given time and opportunity Iran will use nukes on Israel and any other nation they are upset with.

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