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6 Replies to “Pat Condell: Israel, the United Nations, Human rights and useful Western idiots”

  1. More Commonsense, bravery and honesty from the World’s no.1 at commonsense, bravery and honesty. Pat Condell alone, has more of these three qualities than Barack Obama, George Galloway and all the other snakes put together.
    Pat for President, Pat for Prime Minister, Pat for King.

  2. Softly Bob, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think I’ll transcribe this and borrow a few lines from Pat, add ’em to my repertoire.

  3. I agree with Richard… Especially when I think about Condell’s native UK, and how there are so many anti-Zionists in that country who seem somehow unable to connect the dots between supporting Israel and stopping the islamization of the UK.

    I can see that in comments on articles published by the Telegraph. While usually spot-on criticism of islam is never in short supply among those comments, I hardly ever see anything favorable to Israel when the Jewish state is the topic of a piece. Most of the feedback, in this case, contains the usual misinformation and fallacies about how Israel “threatens world peace”, “ought to give up its nukes”, “doesn’t have the right to exist”, or just plain open calls for its elimination. I don’t know what makes so many people write such nonsense.

    Could it be resentment over how the Zionist pioneers eventually kicked the British out of Mandatory Palestine, after nearly a couple of decades of restrictions on Jewish immigration to the soon-to-be-partially-reestablished state of Israel aimed solely at appeasing Laurence of Arabia’s inbred bedouin savages? Or could it be the result of wishful thinking that the sex-grooming of caucasian British girls, and the threat of terrorism, or the packs of “Asians” beating to death lone male infidels, the establishment of sharia courts, the wholesale imposition of halal meat on all consumers and the animosity of muslims in the UK, among many other problems, would simply vanish from British soil if Israel vanished from this planet?

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