France: Imam blesses union between two gay Muslims

I wonder what the actuarial tables for this imam might look like…


(ANSAmed) – PARIS, APRIL 10 – An imam has blessed the union of a same-sex Muslim couple in France. Several media, including France 24 and Al Arabiya, report that Ludovic Zahed Mohamed and his partner Qiyam al-Din Qiyam were not allowed to get legally married in France, but that they still received the blessing of the imam in the mosque of Sevran in February. Ludovic Zahed Mohamed, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, and his South African partner Qiyam al-Din reportedly got married in line with the sharia (Islamic law) in the presence of Jamal, an imam from the Mauritius islands. Jamal has blessed the union, following exactly the same rites that are performed at the marriage of heterosexual couples. Christian and Jewish prayers were said as well during the ceremony, in honour of the couple’s Jewish and Catholic friends. They also had a civil wedding ceremony in South Africa, where same-sex weddings are allowed while France does not recognise this type of union. Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, a practising Muslim, has recently published a book, ‘Le Coran et la chair’ (‘The Koran and the Flesh’), an attempt to reconcile Islam and homosexuality.

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  1. This Imam will probably be eaten alive by the true Muslims (unless of course, he’s already consulted with them first and they’re allowing him to practise taqiyya in order to get the Gay lobby to support Islam).
    If the hardliners do attack this man, it’s only because he endorsed a gay marriage, which is all about love and equal partnership and not because he is endorsing gay sex.To a Muslim, it’s only homosexual if two men behave as man and wife, it’s not homosexual if men have sex with each other!

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