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13 Replies to “A Koran in every German household”

  1. Yes, I can see why they would worry, especially if it is a dry spring, there would be many fires and lots of street rubbish with desigrated korans mixed with all the dog shit on the streets that they never bother to clean

  2. Now might be a good time to buy some. I expect a flood of great Koran-burn videos to come out of Germany any time now. I could use a few more myself.

  3. Wait, I thought infidels weren’t supposed to touch Korans. Now the Allah gang is handing them out as toilet paper and kindling??

  4. The rules for that are flexible. Islam’s rules are always about intent never about actions. Giving korans out for dawa, (proselytizing) always fine. But if you can use obscene rules to make life hard for prison guards etc. then that’s also fine.

  5. Lets face it ,car boot sales,charity shops and dustbins will be full of it.I will keep my copy however as it is good know your subject,

  6. Everyone should have at least 2 copies of the Koran. One for reading and proving to your idiot friends what Islam really is about, and one for occasional ritual desecration when you really get a funny idea.

  7. I can see it now. German is a rough language and while they read they will tend to do a lot of spitting. Spitting on the Ko’ran! That is a good thing.

  8. I think everyone should read the Koran! It is such a violent, disturbing and difficult book to read that none will ever be fooled by the dawah being spread.

    After watching so many revert videos of glowing converts talking about their conversion, I’m amazed at how many say that the Koran is amazing and perfect. I honestly thought that I would become obsessed with Islam after reading the Koran. If anything I’m gobsmacked at how much violence is in it. I’ve struggles to read the Koran and haven’t finished it but I get the general picture about it.

  9. Get Robert Spencer’s ‘Infidels Guide to the Koran’. It is a much better read and makes some sense out of that rather turgid and psychotic book, the Koran.

    It is available as an audio book as well!

    Also I quite like Pain, Pleasure and Prejudice by Bernard Payeur.


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