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9 Replies to “Tommy Robinson on Norwegian TV being set up to look sympathetic to Anders Breivik”

  1. He is right. Nothing will be done by any authority anywhere. It will be the people when they have had enough. The Muslims will be out Muslimed. They will flee for survival.

  2. This is like begging people to wash their hands so diseases are not spread around and become an epidemic. Islam is now an epidemic and it is becoming harder and harder to stop the spreading of this virus.

  3. Excellent post……

    I see this young man leading a much larger movement, one that will or could be, responsible for the commencement of muslim deportations from England.

    This eventuality will depend, largely on the support and participation of the people.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. deportation is not the worst of things. The Home office deports hundreds of Canadians, South Africans Kiwis and Aussies every year from their ancestral land. Deportation is an appropriate policy for islamists in the UK.

  5. Mr. Robinson’s message is that if the government doesn’t listen to their citizens about this then there will be more brieviks. It must be added that Mr. Robinson has several times stated categorically that his organizaition is trying to prevent that by providing a civil outlet.

    The problem with connecting Brievik to anything is that Brievik is obsessed with national purity (whatever he imagines that is supposed to be) because it dovetailes with his anxiety over his own mental “impurity” caused by his schizophrenia.

    This nationalism stuff just happened to pass before his eyes and connected with his feelings about his lack of control over his own mental state. That’s how the bizzare obsession paranoic schizophrenics always have with conspiracies works.

    They can’t process their thoughts and perceptions. But because they can’t do that they can’t see that that is the ultimate source of their discomfort. So they externalize the cause of their subjective experience.

    Nothing any politicians, journalist or activists one either side do in relation to this will ever cause or prevent another Brievik because the actions of schizophrenics are determined by their internal lives, not what is actually happening in the world.

    Again the culprit here was Brieviks inability to process his perceptions relating to his own cognitive breakdown. Politicians and Islamists had nothing to do with that breakdown and his interest in anything is merely a byproduct of his inanbility to order his cognitions.

    A decade or two ago Brievik would have commited the exact same atrocity in order to protect his country from secret reptilian overlords.

  6. Because of all that is it absolutely 100 percent just as likely Brievik would have let off that bomb and murderd people in order to protect his country from those who are called are right wing, conservative, anti-multicultural islamophobics. It is just as possible for a lunatic to imagine them as a conspiratorial source of external control.

    Because of that, according to their own thinking, those one the left side of this debate are even more responsible for future Breivics because their voice is more dominant in the media. It is far more likely for a future Brievik to be motivated by their rhetoric because their rhetoric is more accessable in the media.

    Who is the king of all judo? I am! I am!

  7. The ordinary people are the ones who will save Europe, the politicians and most of the upper class are too busy trying to protect their privileges.

  8. Whatever
    Go Tommy Go
    We need these types of groups in Canada where people just blindly walk into the solent green
    and where leftard groups gather in line with mainstream news to convince the masses that people wearing hoodies, lurking in dark alleys, and generally looking suspicious, are targeted because of their skin color…

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