Muslim Association of Canada: a contributor to Hamas fund collector controls halal certification in Quebec

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PART 1 – Presentation and general conclusions
PART 2 – The Association des viandes halal (AVH) and its relationship with MAC
PART 3 – More information about MAC
PART 4 – More information about AMCVH
PART 5 – More information about the Aboubakerseddik Cultural Centre
PART 6 – AMQ, another of MAC’s organizations at 371 Jean-Talon E.
PART 7 – Excerpts of Dumont le midi TV show broadcast on March 13, 2012

    Pour a frosty one and make a nice ham sandwich with mustard and click over to Point De Bascule for this stunning and thorough analysis of halal foods, financing and effects in Quebec and abroad.

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2 Replies to “Muslim Association of Canada: a contributor to Hamas fund collector controls halal certification in Quebec”

  1. It’s absolutely disgusting how easily muslims infiltrated Canadian society and began filtering money to hamas. In Canada there are between 3 and 10% and look at the damage they are already doing.

    “Halal” is a muslim business, meant to make money for muslims & terrorists only and meant to force one aspect of sharia down non-muslims throats. This “business” only employs muslims. And here is proof that a portion of the money earned through the “halal” business goes directly to terrorism and the colonization of the West.

    Campbell’s has gladly joined the “halal” train and that is why I have not purchased one of their products for over a year now.

    If the government refuses to keep importing these colonists I will do what I can and that will start with boycotting any “halal certified” product & the company that produces it and the store that sells it.

    “When you buy halal products, not only are you financing inhumaely slaughtered and tortured animals, you are indirectly supporting terrorism, as a hidden fee (jizya tax) is added to every halal product.”

    ““Can someone point me to the plus side of this equation? What is the upside to the Islamization of the West? Name one thing.”-Pamela Geller

  2. This is clearly a case where the Government should have a warning label on the packages of meat stating: “WARNING, the purchase of this product may support and encourage the Islamazation of your neighbourhood and the eventual destruction of your country”.

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