New Al-Jazeera Variety Show to Showcase Ethnic and Sexual Minorities

All of us at Vlad Tepes were thrilled at obtaining exclusive footage of this groundbreaking new program, whose pilot episode is due to air on the worldwide Islamic TV network later on today’s date.

The show called, “Why not NOT kill the Infidels?” will attempt to bridge the gap between Islam and persecuted minorities, in a jocular and lighthearted way. Judging by this clip, our Canadian readers will more than agree that it succeeds!

It’s understood that the team behind the show are the same producers who made last year’s biggest smash hit movie in the whole Ummah.

Who could possibly forget that tender romantic comedy describing the hilarious love affair between a six-year old girl, and  a a fifty-two-year old man, ‘You Jihad me at: “Hello” – The Aisha & Muhammad Story’?


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6 Replies to “New Al-Jazeera Variety Show to Showcase Ethnic and Sexual Minorities”

  1. A sad commentary on our times is that I had to consider the possibility that this was a straight news story before deciding it had to be an April Fool’s joke; the giveaway was that Al-Jazeera management is probably not suicidal enough to celebrate . . . alternative sexual lifestyles, let us say.

  2. One more example of why our society is overwhelmingly better (not perfect but better) than any Islamic countries. Our sense of humour. Jihad me fooled.

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