England’s totalitarian bent becomes more palpable by the hour.

The list of stories and news showing that England is within any reasonable definition, a totalitarian state has become quite long. That freedom of speech is arbitrary and people can be jailed for breaches of speech codes that bear no root in reality at all. From singers who do disco when Chinese people can hear it, to people who object to Islamic fascism and misogyny, anyone in England can be arrested for reasons that certainly seem created post-hoc. And now, the government has taken the ability to store any and all of your personal electronic communications including your browsing history for two years. Or at least that is what they are willing to admit publicly.

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  1. Forget about Iran and the overt attempt to weaponize with nuclear capability….worry about the backdoor…

    A brilliant point Vlad…bloody brilliant because its largely overlooked….Pakistan…..England….its just a matter of time before madmen are armed…..we may very well see mushroom clouds within 5 to 10 years……unless we become vigorous in our defense and opposition to muslims….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. It is very scary. And why are they doing it? To hold their multiculti failed experiment together a little longer, to stave off riots ad civil disorder.

  3. I don’t think the multicultural experiment is failing at all, they are successfully deracinating their own citizens. Native Britons are now strangers in their own neighborhoods, Christians are becoming the minority in an historically Christian country. Deracinated people are a lost people and when they finally wake up to panic martial law will be brought in to quell the uprising. Look at what happens to people who protest immigration or who uphold traditional British values.

  4. Implementing dictatorship is the only way to have their utopia, you can not have open borders if you can not fix the world, yet the elite insists on open borders while not being able to fix the problem spots of the world, like Somalia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, etc.

    Even if nuclear bomb explodes in New York or London, they will try to keep the borders open while “fixing” the problem by implementing a Police State.

    But they will fail. When? Look at the Soviet Union or Jugoslavia. When the economy totally fails. They tried to create the “Soviet Man” using extremely powerful indoctrination and propaganda, yet the people returned to their pesky nationalism and religion as soon as the economy collapsed. What will follow is separatism, desintegration and balkanisation.

  5. And why does Britain need these laws? If I was importing millions of people into my country that had not respect for my laws or culture and decide to hold massive protests about how their culture is going to dominate the world then I would implement these laws too. It is the perfect way to quietly say to the population: we understand that all of you are feeling uneasy about your new neighbours and so we are going to spy on them but the rest of you are also going to be spied upon just so we don’t look racist.

  6. @Michael Jetson,
    You hit the nail right on the head,i have been wondering myself what this grand plan was all leading up to,and now it is all becoming all too clear.Import what they were hoping would be a small,controllable,percentage of the enemy in place and then use them as an excuse to monitor the whole of the populous.What they didn’t forecast though was those very same useful idiots breeding like rabbits,and using the E.C.H.R.s rules and regulations to help bring in their immediate family as well.Now,there is no turning back for these conniving bastards,and the rollercoaster of hell that they have created for us all.The only option available left for them is to either carry on regardless,or admit to the monumental fuck up that they have created.From what i have seen so far there isn’t much chance of an admission of guilt.

  7. And now, the government has taken the ability to store any and all of your personal electronic communications including your browsing history for two years.

    The new regulations are merely to ensure that the 51st State provides Homeland Security with data in a compatible form for analysis.

    Careful, Britons, as to the sites that you visit – you may find yourself extradited to face the ‘justice’ of US Courts and Prisons.

  8. I’ve just read most of the comments above and I’m both astonished and somewhat disturbed. There you are pointing the finger at your ‘elitist’ leaders whilst at the same time indicating a desire for violence towards ‘foreigners’. What’s going on inside your minds for you to make a such an erroneous and disconnected intellectual leap? Can’t you see that the idea isn’t for the elite to spy on the so called foreigners but to spy on all of us, whilst giving the ‘indigenous’ the belief that ‘it’s not for you this law’. Wake up! The people with power want to hold onto power, when the shit hits the fan they’re hoping we’ll kill each other so that they can continue with the business of ruling over us. Where were the immigrants during the battle of Peterloo? When will you see who your real enemy is and always has been? It’s the person you go to work for almost every damn day! He is the master and you are the slave.

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