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4 Replies to “Jobbic wants more Islam for Europe. Christians should embrace it.”

  1. These Jobbik ignoramuses talk about mahoundianism as they see it through their nazi prism, rather than it is in reality… Perhaps they could try getting a little taste of what it could do to Christianity in Hungary and Europe, and how muslims would reciprocate their displays of love and declarations of support, by sending their nazistinian-loving member Krisztina Morvai on a little trip to Egypt, with no bodyguards.

    And then, if she found herself in a situation similar to that of a couple of victims of beyond-gruesome gang rapes in Western Europe, about which I read on Gates of Vienna not too long ago, though her fellow Jobbik members might want to put that “into (Said-ian/Foucauldian) context” (muslims’ “justified” reaction to “colonialism”, “imperialism”, “Zionism”, etc.), Ms. Morvai personally would have to be declared clinically insane to continue supporting islam so wholeheartedly. And, after going through an ordeal like that, such being diagnosed with such a mental condition could be a true possibility.

  2. The candidate for President of the Hungarian Republic, Krisztina Morvai, recently attended a Palestine conference with participation by Hamasz and Hezbollah terrorists. She proudly announced: “I met with many Palestine people, with numerous superb militant fighters and their leaders. I received their encouragements.” The ensuing criticism provoked Barikad, the Jobbik’s internet publication to answer with a Question: “Why is it an issue that Morvai is encouraged by terrorists?”

    Gabor Vona, the President of Jobbik and candidate for the Premiership of Hungary maintained a close relationship with Iranian President Ahmadinezsad. He announced that he would invite him to send observers to the Hungarian elections. According to him, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Hungarian Guard jointly will assure orderly conduct of the Hungarian elections scheduled for April of 2010. Ahmadinezsad and his Revolutionary Guard stayed at home. It is suspected that Iran provided for Jobbik not only political endorsement but financial support as well.

    source: http://pjmedia.com/blog/eyes-on-hungary-leading-eastern-europe-away-from-socialism-yet-again/

  3. The left and the Moslems are teaming up to destroy civilization, they will then fight to see who rules what is left.

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