Canadian MP stands up for democracy and against ‘Anonymous’

This warmed my heart. And of course he is absolutely correct. Having a gang of thugs be it on the internet or at your door with brass knuckles are still thugs. The idea that they would blackmail an elected MP to force him to change policy, even policies I disagree with, disgusts me. I hope they find these guys and move them to North Korea for a while.

[3/27/12 4:39:31 PM] James Cohen:

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  1. Bravo!!

    Drag the vermin into the light…….and let the punishment be swift.

    But kill Bill C-30…….it has to go!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. In the first clip the nice Muslim lady is lying her burka off to Ezra. It is is the Koran to beat your wife and subject her as plain as the nose on your face. Yet it goes over Ezras head and he will believe the nice Muslim lady as will most of his audience.

    Lots of work ahead for every one if we are to survive the Muslim Zombie apocalypse.

  3. @Bl@kbird

    Yes, that jumped out at me too, but consider the woman’s position. If she were to say anything critical of the Quran – or Mohammed – she would become the next Salmon Rushdie and join the legions of people who must go around with bodyguards because they have dared to insult Islam. When she was saying that they’d been fighting this for the last fourteen hundred years, I got the impression she was not too enamored of Islam, but she is powerless, I believe, to directly challenge the Quran itself. I would be extremely interested to hear what she would say if she was free to speak her mind…

  4. So the question has to be asked, if the profit never raised a hand against a woman, who was the profit who hit with his fist aisha in the chest with his fist and caused her great pain? Is she saying that islam had two profits at the same time called mohammad? so which mohammad was the last profit?

    Oh dear, she commited shirk by stating there is another profit besides mohammad.

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