Revealed: Man who sparked armed siege

It’s odd how the evacuation of a large area because of a Muslim with a large bomb barely rates as news anymore.

I hope the indigenous British are saving their pennies. This may be a worthwhile investment.


Photo: David Hurst 39 year old Jan Nirmal is led away after laying siege to his house on Mendip Road, LeylandPhoto: David Hurst 39 year old Jan Nirmal is led away after laying siege to his house on Mendip Road, Leyland

Published on Saturday 24 March 2012 10:46

This is the man who sparked a nine-hour armed siege on a Leyland housing estate.

Police surrounded a property on Mendip Road, Leyland from just after 8am yesterday morning amid reports a man had a bomb in a flat.

More than 100 properties were evacuated as police sealed off the area and bomb squad officers and trained negotiators were sent in.

After a near nine-hour impasse, armed officers stormed the property at 5pm, leading 39-year-old Jan Nirmal away and into a waiting ambulance as a large crowd of people looked on, many shouting at him from behind the cordon.

He was arrested on suspicion of a breach of the peace and taken to Royal Preston Hospital, but was not thought to be injured.

Mr Nirmal, who is believed to have been living in the property since June 2010, was due to be quizzed by police today.

Donna Hamilton, 36, who lives next door, said: “The police smashed the door in.

“We were all stood there and minutes later they said we were allowed back home.

“This morning I was one of the first to be evacuated – I had half a cup of tea in my hand and had to leave.

“I saw all the police down the street.

“They got some step ladders and put them up against the flat. I was told to get my dog and get out.

“I’m glad it’s all over now.”

Sheila Chick, 52, of Mendip Road, said: “I was lucky as I could go to my daughters.

“I’m glad it ended peacefully – I just wanted to go home.”

In total, 108 properties on Mendip Road were evacuated and 25 residents were transported in buses throughout the day to South Ribble Tennis Centre, where British Red Cross volunteers set up a rest centre for those affected.

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  1. Nothing about this on the UK national TV news channels.Some incidents are only reported locally (usually by the local BBC). This prevents the majority of people (who in the UK watch the National news) from seeing how many “actual” incidents are occuring.
    The national news channels BBC/Sky had a bus crash as their leading story.

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