British yobs, racial slurs and why I fear for my children: As a Jewish school is attacked in France, one British mother’s utterly shocking account of the anit-Semitism her children suffer

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By Angela Epstein

PUBLISHED: 01:43 GMT, 23 March 2012 | UPDATED: 08:58 GMT, 23 March 2012


Every weekday morning I drive to a building surrounded by razor wire. It has  bomb-proof windows, security guards posted next to its tall, iron gates, and sturdy fences that ring the perimeters. Access to anyone is by entry phone — or by convincing the guards you have a right to enter.

So do I work in a prison? No. I have children who attend a Jewish school near our home in Manchester.

Though the security at the school may sound shockingly heavy-handed, my sons barely notice it and we parents gratefully accept it. However, every so often I ask myself: is this how we really need to  protect a school in modern Britain?

Horror: A child is comforted by a man after this week's shootings in FranceHorror: A child is comforted by a man after this week’s shootings in France

Sadly, there is no choice. And after the horrific events in Toulouse this week, which saw the killing of three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school just like my children’s, I can’t see that changing.

I was driving when the news came through on the radio and, shaking hard, I just about managed to manoeuvre the car through the morning traffic as I fought to take it in. As soon as I could, I pulled over to phone my husband and tell him what had happened.

Not only was there deep shock and profound sorrow, there was something else, too — a cold dread that fingered the spine. Put simply, I was terrified.

For the sorry truth is that schools like my children’s would not need such protection if there was a not a genuine threat in  Britain, too. Don’t believe me? Three of my four children attend Jewish schools (the fourth is now on a gap year), and over recent years they, along with many of their friends and classmates, have been targets for anti-Semitic abuse.

Only recently, my 13-year-old son and his friends were walking home from the local Jewish high school when a group of  yobs from across the road taunted them by shouting: ‘You Jews, Zeig Heil! We  hate you, Jews.’

Ask any of the pupils about this kind of incident and they will tell you — to quote my 16-year-old son — that ‘it happens all the time’.

These are not teenagers who are ultra-orthodox, so there are no overt signs of their religion, except that they are  walking home from a Jewish school. They look like any other scruffy kids as they amble along with their skewed ties, untucked shirts, backpacks and pockets jammed with jaw-rotting sweets. But even that relative anonymity doesn’t protect them.

Grief: Flowers and messages were left outside the school where a father and two sons, and another girl, were gunned downThe tragedy in France has crystallised the fear of every Jewish parent in this country

The son of one friend of mine had eggs thrown at him by a group of youths as he made his way home, while another was actually set upon by a trio of mindless young idiots — though he managed to break free and run away, thankfully, with just a few bruises. Little wonder that on the afternoon of the Toulouse murders, as I went to collect my seven-year-old daughter from school, the atmosphere in the playground was febrile with what I can only describe as a collective terror.

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8 Replies to “British yobs, racial slurs and why I fear for my children: As a Jewish school is attacked in France, one British mother’s utterly shocking account of the anit-Semitism her children suffer”

  1. The fault lies not with Muslims who have been allowed in, but with the ruling elite of the EU, who have, with malice conspired to betray the people of Europe.

    Muslims, though their canonical books have made it abundantly clear, by word and deed, that their mission is to destroy every society and replace it with Islam – by force in the final stages, as an example to the defeated, and a blood seal on the conquest.

    The guilt for putting Europe/West, and thus the whole world at risk, lies with our idiot politicians, who by way of negligence, ignorance, greed or malevolence, have brought this catastrophe on our heads.

  2. Was watching the Australian ABC early morning saterday news broadcast, a news brief was shown, a “pollie/spokesperson” from france was speaking about the terrorist attack against the Jewish children. Now I am not sure if it was a mistranslation or not, but this is what the interpreter said, as close as I can remember, “athough a link can be found between the killer and islam, we “will not” make a link between the killer and islamic terrorists”.

    There you have it folks, if the translation is correct, which can be said it probably is, our “brave leaders” aka coward dhimmie traitors have decided in their treason to know the link is there bright as the sun, blaring out like a laser, but they “WILL NOT” publicly announce the link under any curcumstances.

    I eagerly await the leftard/cowards/traitors/baalim worshipers/satanists to somehow spin this as hate speach for me exposing it to the world.

  3. There is a strain of antisemitism that runs through European society, Hitler didn’t create it but he did take advantage of it The current politically correct culture makes it once again PC to attack the Jews, I have a theory that antisemitism increases just before all major wars. I can’t prove the theory but it fits what I have read of history.

  4. She is absolutely right about arabs going after people who don’t look overtly jewish. They can “smell it” on you because they are filled with bigotry from birth.

    I don’t look jewish at all but there was something jewish enough about me to cause one of them to start talking about gas chambers when I was behind him at a McDonalds about a mile from ground zero. “here’s another one for the gas chamers, better shove the dead old lady aside so we can make room.”

    The joke was on him though as I was drunk and had no idea he was talking about me till I got home 😉 So while I was pissed off later, my feelings weren’t actually hurt.

    This mother should be sending her children to self defence classes or better yet the school should be making them manditory. Self defence education is now esential if you are jewish or gay in Europe.

  5. This mother asks the question . .

    “So why is Britain’s 350,000-strong Jewish community — and particularly its children — under the kind of attack that has uncomfortable echoes of 1930s Germany?”

    She suggests it’s a result of old-fashioned xenophobia, or a cultural hatred of Jews that has bled through the generations then goes so far as to suggest attacks are influenced by events in Israel .
    May I suggest those may all play a part . . .but only because the window of opportunity is wide open for such excuses.
    Rather she should ask herself as well as her community. . .why don’t children of immigrants suffer such regular abuse? Could it be because, any such abuse would be met with exponentially greater force in immediate retaliation by the entire immigrant community – questions asked later and then all logic turned on it’s head to blame the victim? and/or the current political climate just happens to favor immigrants approach (out of fear/convenience) and then simply slaps the hand (if that) of the vigilante immigrant(s) – while the Jewish population lays low, tries not to make waves and absorbs each and every blow while – if not helping make excuses for the abuse against themselves they immediately absolve the abuser and promise to work harder at appeasing them? Isn’t that what just happened – – – YET AGAIN!
    If/when the Jewish community grows a spine and innoculates itself against this plague by returning each and every favor compounded with long term exponential interest accruing at point of sale, the return on investment will be quickly forthcoming.
    Kahane chai. Lan astaslem.

  6. @Truthiocity “They can “smell it” on you because they are filled with bigotry from birth.”

    The secular-Jews have a world view that anything is possible. They have an affirmation from childhood that they are special. This is truer for secular-Christians where the child is the miracle. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants made Western Society.

    Being special is crucial for a child’s development, their birthright, into nobility.

    Not so Islam, Socialism and Sexu-ality where children are not special, but intimidated members of a collective. Passing for themselves Equal Rights when they should have a statute of Equal Wrongs.

    So yes, “They can “smell it”” they can smell freedom, people without bondage, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and it makes the sick to their stomach. Someone they do not know how to be. Envy.

  7. The existence of the State of Isreal has brought a national identification which was not there before. But, I still do not understand the naivete of American Jews who enable those who want them dead. I’m sure they think it is not THEY who are at risk. Tell it to the little children and adult at the school.

    I notice once again the “moderate” muslims are silent, other than to complain about a non-existant backlash. And they complain no one likes them…

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