Marine Lepen speech on why she is running in the French presidential race.

I took this translation from Gallia-watch. However my French is close to non-existent so any errors, omissions or more likely, misplacements are actually mine as I was not really able to determine exactly where each title went, unless I heard a word I could surmise was one in the text. Meanwhile, I do want to know why everyone refers to her as ‘far right’. I guess the convention is, anyone not celebrating the utter obliteration of their own culture, heritage and legal traditions is somehow a far-right person to be feared. Of course, the opposite is the truth.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting speech by someone who should be able to give Sarkozy a run for French money

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7 Replies to “Marine Lepen speech on why she is running in the French presidential race.”

  1. Well you’ve got my vote Marine, a fantastic speech from someone who really, really cares for their country. Good luck !

  2. At last, a leader willing to not only identify the threat to the country but willing to fight the PC?MC garbage and the islamization of France. If the French do not elect her they then deserve their cultural suicide. We need a few leaders like this in North America.

  3. One can only trust a politicien so far. Words are easy. It is their actions that need scrutiny. Therefore, one can only hope her words will match her actions. Good luck with that. If she is sincere, I wish her all the best.

  4. Not good enough. She only alludes, circuitously, to the problem of Muslims, by speaking of “immigration” as though non-Muslim immigrants are as bad as Muslim immigrants. And the one time she actually says the “M” word is by framing it in terms of allowing Muslims to stay in France, as long as they follow the French Constitution. Who in their right mind thinks that the Muslims in France who ostensibly follow the French Constitution are sincerely supporting it; and who in their right mind thinks Muslim in France, as their numbers (already approaching 7 million) aggrandize at an alarming rate, are going to continue to follow the French Constitution and will not rather increasingly attempt to flout it as they plant their tendrils and roots of their inveterately scripted supremacist imperialism from the bottom up?

    Nah. She’s either herself infected with residues of the PC MC virus, or she’s timidly mincing her words while simultaneously pretending to be boldly honest.

    Not good enough. The 21st century needs more. And fast. Time’s a-wastin’.

  5. And now that we know the Toulouse assassin is a Muslim, will Marine Le Pen actually take a stand against Muslims and Islam and use those actual words to denote the reality? I doubt it.

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