Muslims Vs. Roma

Islam Vs. Europe:

21:42 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Open street warfare has broken out between North African Muslims and Roma in Lyon. The quarrel startled with the Muslims claiming they had been burgled by the Roma. Carfuls of Muslims turned up and three stones at a Roma squat.

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  1. Lars Hedegaard’s predictions are turning reality: “The Continent’s future, he predicted, ‘is going to be vastly different than we imagine. It’s going to be war. Like Lebanon,’ with some enclaves dominated by Christians and others by Muslims. There will be ‘permanent strife,’ and no one will have the ‘power to mollify or mediate… It will be more gruesome than we can imagine.’ When the horror comes, he warned, the journalists who helped to bring it about will ‘wag their heads and flee — and leave it to those who can’t flee to fight it out.’“

  2. The Muslims make enemies wherever they go. To paraphrase a quote from Genesis- “they will be wild donkeys of men; their hands will be against everyone and everyone’s hands against them and they will live in hostility towards all their brothers.”
    Muslims have no true friends in the World because they can’t be trusted to be friends with anyone but themselves. Their filthy book tells them to be this way. Muslims will pretend to be friends with certain people but anger is their weakness and occasionally the mask of taqqiya slips off.
    Could this weakness eventually lead to their downfall?

  3. I’m not fond of Romas, what they do and how they treat female Romas but at least someone is standing up to the mustards.

  4. You have to hand it Romas: they survive, they do it their way with no allegience to anyone else, they won’t sit back and take it. At least they are Christian. I’m seeing the Mexicans in a new light as well for the same reasons.

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