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2 Replies to “Michael Coren responds to the US soldier rampage in Afghanistan”

  1. Well said, Michael Coren!
    The truth is, we don’t really know what happened yet. The hypocritical scumbag Taliban frequently murder women and children and cowards that they are, often hide behind women and children. Maybe this soldier knew this.
    Afghan women and children often can’t be trusted. They’re brainwashed to favour their oppressors (Muslim men) over their liberators (the Americans). Maybe this soldier knew this. Maybe he had seen these people turn on American soldiers and maybe he didn’t know who to trust any more.Maybe the pressure had grown too much for him.
    When you are fighting a ceaseless, pointless war for a thankless Obama administration and trying to protect the very people who hate you, then sooner or later something is going to crack!

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