Jihad Watch: Egyptian Presidential Candidate: ‘I am the Mahdi’

I always wondered when that little boy trapped in the well would manage to climb out.

Jihad Watch:

According to today’s edition of Egypt’s Al-Wafd, a popular political website, the latest candidate for the Egyptian presidency, Muhammad Muhammad Musa, claims he is the hidden Mahdi — a savior figure in Islamic eschatology.

After exiting from the Supreme Council for Elections, Musa said that “he is the awaited Mahdi who will liberate the Arab world, and that the anti-Christ [al-Masih al-Dajjal] appears to him daily in dreams trying to prevent him from running for the presidency and liberating the Arab countries from tyranny. He confirmed that he ran for presidency in 2005 against [ousted Egyptian president Hosni] Mubarak, but that the military intelligence service and police arrested his son in an effort to force him to withdraw from the race,” which he did.

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2 Replies to “Jihad Watch: Egyptian Presidential Candidate: ‘I am the Mahdi’”

  1. NO NO NO, no he is not, the mahdi is in tehran in constant meetings with armadinnerjacket and iatolldya. thus says the iatolldya.

    Besides, everyone knows, if they actualy know the timeline of the mahdi, that Israel must be attacked by all 7 surrounding moozlim nations first and the trees and rocks must give range calls to the moozlims for the joobies hiding behind them. Sheese, these false mahdi’s, tsk tsk tsk, blasphemy in the extreme, he must now be beheaded for his massively disgusting denigrating insulting blasphemy against the mahdi and moo/ham/addon.

    The Infidel

  2. Well fuck me ridged with a barge pole! These cunts will say any fucking thing for power! Oh hang on, it dont sound too different from hug a hoodie…..

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