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3 Replies to “Iron Dome. How good an idea is it? A Stratfor analysis…”

  1. Yes…but I can think of no better solution, from all perspectives, than to wipe out every shred of threat at its very source.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. I agree and Israel needs to take back the West Bank & Gaza strip so she can better protect herself. The fakestinians can go live in their rightful home in Jordan & let it’s citizens enjoy their bad behavior.

  3. Hey Stratfor, it isn’t an “idea” and it is “operational” right now. I watched some of Stratfor Global Intelligence other reports and I wasn’t too impressed. A real analysis would compare other operational systems to Iron Dome, oh but wait a minute, there are none. The Patriot system is for longer range missiles and is even more expensive. They don’t have to shoot down all of the missiles either to still be able to have an overall effect against the terrorists since some are destroyed on the ground before they are fired. Eventually the system will be perfected and they’ll figure out a way to reduce costs without reducing quality. Lives have already been saved by this system so therefore it is a success already.

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