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2 Replies to “Charles Adler: Airport security, profiling and irrational policies at airports”

  1. Charles, what do you mean “Security measures in our airports are bordering on ridiculous” . . .?!?!? They are way beyond ridiculous. As you correctly stated, they are driven by political correctness and total lack of common sense. One only has to forget about the mainstream media and do a little digging to read all about real terrorism around the world and quickly come to the realization that by far the vast majority of the terrorist acts are committed by Islamists. There is no mystery here. Time to bring back common sense and dump political correctness.

  2. It’s because of Muslims that these measures were introduced in the first place, so Muslims should be the prime targets for security checks. It’s that simple. We shouldn’t care if Muslims are offended or inconvenienced. It’s their religion, their ideology and their terrorism, not ours!

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