Somali sex-slave ring faces trial in Tennessee


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Twenty three accused defendants will face a Federal judge and jury in Tennessee next month on charges of slaving girls as young as 12-years-old.

A Somali immigrant gang kidnapped children, then trafficked them into the horrific world of sexual slavery in the very heartland of America — Minnesota, Tennessee and Ohio.

Real Clear Politics reports that in the indictments handed down, “the Somali gangsters who ran these sex trafficking rings used them to finance their lifestyle — and to provide for their own sexual satisfactions as well.”

The article went on to state the indictment also read:

“One defendant, Haji Osman Salad, nicknamed “Hollywood,” later made Jane Doe Two ‘his girl.’
He would pick her up from public school, take her to an apartment for sex, and then order her to have sex with other men.”

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  1. I hate the left. It is they who hold ultimate responsibility for this mess by letting ever greater numbers of these islamo-swine into our countries, and Barack Obama is particularly guilty of this by granting refugee status to thousands of Somali muslims. Hardly surprising when one considers Obama himself is not native born. Because of that, I do not recognise him as lawful President. I best not say more because of the thought police. It seems there is an epidemic of sites being mysteriously shut down as of late and I attribute this to Obama’s reelection campaign.

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