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4 Replies to “Excellent short video on the absurdity of ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’”

  1. Leftards, Korang-utans, Neo-Marxists and tree-hugging do-gooders are not interested in facts. Facts spoil everything!
    They’ll keep scapegoating Israel until the cows come home. One day they’ll realise the truth but sadly a lot more blood will be shed until that day comes.

  2. Friends,

    We must understand that this response, while absolutely correct and compelling, does not address the central issue of Israeli Apartheid Week. As Nada Elia implied and Omar Chaban confirmed at UBC on Friday, IAW is not about saying that there are no Arabs in the Knesset or on soccer teams. Rather, IAW, for the SPHR/SJP crowd and the red-green alliance, aims to attack the very existence of the State of Israel as the Jewish National Homeland. Israel is an apartheid state, according to them, precisely because it is a Jewish state, minority rights notwithstanding.

    Thus, another response, given this angle, is to call out the IAW rhetoric for what it is: annihilationism. I have written a short article on this point, available here: http://www.propagandistmag.com/2012/03/04/modern-political-philosophy-and-annihilation-jews.

    Still, the “Apartheid?” campaign is very effective for those who do not understand the annihilationist project that is IAW, and who are looking at it in comparison with the South African example. Hence, videos like this one are effective, but should be supplemented with others that attack the other angle.

    Keep up the good work, Elder of Ziyon.

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