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6 Replies to “EDL demo in Manchester coming up in 2 days!”

  1. Nice piece. And it is too late to apologize. And it is to late to vote or legislate this away. Necessarily vile times coming. That or the death of the West.

  2. Good post – I wish the EDL luck in holding this demo, but I don’t hold out much hope. The politically correct Police will harangue the relevant Minister until he/she puts a ban on the demo, citing “danger to the public” as their rationale. It’s so sad; so, so sad what has happened to the UK over the last three deacades or more with the Gubmints “open-door policy” (and the Labour Gubmint was the WORST in this) that has let millions of riff-raff – that other countries don’t want – into a once strong and glorious nation to feed off the public trough and claim maximum benefits in housing and other goodies. PC and MC rubbish has ruined the UK, and no wonder groups like the EDL and others are gaining strength. But, I think it is too late to vote or legislate this away (as the previous commenter said), and I am afraid that it’s going to come down to an ugly and bloody street war to get rid of the rubbish that Labour has let in. Despite all the lame excuses that politicians come up with, like “our hands are tied by the EU and EC”, it is thier fault entirely for letting millions in for a nice “voting block”. This grasping of the immigrant voting block by Labour has virtually killed the middle class in the UK. Look at what has happened to some of the Boroughs in London… they are now completely controlled by corrupt immigrants who have started demanding “no-go” zones, and “Sharia” zones: and the politicians sit back in their rich properties with their fat hands tucked under their fat backsides just laughing at the misery they have wrought on a once great nation. May they all rot in hell.

  3. Keep going no matter what. You are the most profound of cultures ever
    to walk the planet. Brave EDL. Keep doing it..every week. It will show up and creep
    into the minds of the cowards. It’s begun …. it took the English lions to turn it.
    Brave EDL…my heroes. NEVER SURRENDER !!!

  4. LIKE THE VIDEO BUT NOT THE CONTENT PICS. If I was younger I would be there, how can this be allowed to carryon .I dont blame the police on the ground there only following orders I totally blame the politicians for ther cowardly position on immigration, punishment and for being inactive in the area of prevention of this type of crime which is racist to white people. Good for the EDL this is a very brave action for an organisation which makes our prime minister sick. I am sorry but I hope he his very sick.

  5. Good luck to EDL and Never Surrender!

    Some PM can abrogate the treaty. all they have to do is say, were out, treaty’s over. For a British PM to say it is out of his hands and it is all up to the EU is terrible.

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