James victim of gang attack

Oldham Chronicle


Reporter: Marina Berry
Date online: 17 February 2010

A TEENAGER needed hospital treatment after he and two friends were attacked by a gang of around 20 Asian youths.

James Howard (14) had his head stamped on and suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, and cuts to his head, arms and hands, in the attack shortly after 7pm on Sunday. His two friends, aged 14 and 23, were also taken to hospital, where they were treated for facial cuts and abrasions.

The injured teenager’s mother, Angela, said: “James was battered senseless. They stamped on his head and he is an absolute mess.

“He looks like he’s gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson and he’s absolutely devastated. It’s frightened him to death and I don’t think he’ll ever go out again.”

The incident happened in Victoria Street, Chadderton, as James rode his bike home from a local newsagents, flanked by his two friends on foot.

Mrs Howard (34), said the attackers made racist comments and left footprints on her son’s head and back, and stole his bike, his mobile telephone and his shoes.

She said: “They could have killed my son. If I thought my child was capable of doing something like this I would take them to the police myself.”

The family have lived in Chadderton for 16 years, and Mrs Howard and her husband, Joe, also have two other children, aged eight and 12.

A shopkeeper took the boys in, and James called his father, who took the three straight to the Royal Oldham Hospital.

Doctors wanted to keep James in overnight, but the shocked youngster wanted to go home to be with his family.

She said: “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The people who attacked him are not children and something needs to be done before something goes drastically wrong in Oldham.”

The youths were all aged around 20.

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20 Replies to “James victim of gang attack”

  1. I dont normally write anything on here, I do sometimes on gates of vienna. The reason this caught my attention is because this is the third attack within the Greater Manchester area in the space of a few weeks. One in rochdale, one in hyde and now one in chadderton. The common theme is a gang of 20 or so asian youths, beating up 2 or 3 white teenagers/people. Some guy from the ramadan foundation was on the radio last week mentioning the other two attacks suggesting they were “isolated incidents” but surely this is too much to be coincidence?

    3 attacks in such a short space of time and with similar tendencies, surely there has to be some connection. What will be interesting to see is if it is “jihadi” types or “gangster” type Pakistani asians (asians and crime is 99.99% pakistani/bangladeshi i.e muslim). I do believe sometimes blog sites get it wrong when they say Asians do these things because of islam. That is to say they are knowingly carrying out the crime in the name of islam. Quite often the “gangster” types know absaloutely nothing about islam, and are often purely racist against white people, in the same manner a black person may hate white people. I would think however in the Asian example, islam is still interlinked with the culture at home and in the ghettos of the perpetrators. And although they may not be practicing muslims, identifying themselves as muslims, and the islamic culture (which is largely inseperable from Pakistani culture) has had some effect on their upbringing.

    I think this is why quite often many say it has nothing whatsoever to do with islam, and the islamic leaders are quick to condem, just as the right wing are quick to blame it on islam and islam alone. I think their are a number of interweaving factors in this hybrid culture of islamic supramacy, western influence, and pure gangsterism and thuggery. I feel this could also shed some light on the Muslim gangs in say Europe or australia too, as in a sense they are quite similar to youth gangs of say blacks or vietnamese etc, however the added dimension of Islam creates a whole new subculture/mentality.

    This I feel goes against the western elites concept that just because a muslim youth is not radicalised they are somehow one of us. In my view they are still hateful towards white people or even just non muslims (see ethnic cleansing of black people in bury park in midlands).

    On an end note, not all muslims are bad. I know quite a few that are westernised and are normal upstanding citizens. However their is a failure by the Govt to realise that in high areas of muslim population and enclaves, there is a growing percentage of the muslim population willing to use violence in order to be the dominant force within the area.

  2. Would also like to add I was watching our mainstream media this week i.e the bbc. The top 3 headlines were 1. The muslim police chief Ali dezai, in trouble for falsely imprisoning someone and abusing his position of trust, 2. Abu Qatada the muslim cleric unable to be deported and 3. The pakistani orphan girl kept as a slave and tortured and raped by her “asian” captures.

    I thought to myself surely even the most sceptical liberal, would surely see there is a problem going on in the U.K. Funnily enough in two of the three headlines i.e the wives of 2 and 3 were wearing burqa’s. I was thinking to myself is this to be the future of our news stories? I would say in case number one islam was not neccesarily a factor, it just so happened that the police chief was a muslim. But because the stories ran one after the other it did kind of lump him in with the other two.

  3. 20 “Asian” youth. Yeah because there are so many documented cases of Japanese, Chinese, Hindu gangs going around and attacking White people.

  4. Muslim ethnic cleasing of native Britions in Greater Manchester
    They are creating a “no go” zone , this isn’t any ramdom gang crime
    It ‘s planned and directed from the local mosque.

    @harriet, their is no such thing as a “good” muslim, anyone who
    willingly is a muslim is part and parcel of all that is Isalm, just as
    there are no good nazis, anyone who is a willingly nazi is a POS.

  5. Austin; I would disagree. There are people born Muslims, that may not necessarily adhere or believe in the religion they are born into. Quite often they are restricted in their younger days by family and community. These people may continue to define themselves as Muslim, because it’s what they have known from birth. If we really want to go into it most muslims in uk and Europe are not true Muslims because non practicing and even practicing Muslims do not follow the quran properly. The point I was getting at was these Pakistani thugs, still hold Islam as being part of their identity even if they do not know the first thing about Islam. So just as a black person may hate a White person purely on racial terms these Asian thugs do but the added dimension of a cultural hate too. Which is why I believe examples of Asian thuggery against whites even other races is more prevelant and widespread. I believe if it was being peddled at the mosques it would be a different kind of Muslim perpetrating the attacks ie the jihadi radicals/sympathisers. Then again as the media does not go into specifics of the attacks (actually surprised these 3 made the news) we do not truly know which of the two types have committed these attacks. It is very rare jihadi types resort to this low level thuggery. They are usually more involved with the war of ideas global caliphate and perhaps plotting terror attacks.

    I truly believe it Is important to seperate these two types as it gives us a better understanding into things. It is also important to realise there are a combination/number of. secular/Liberal/westernised/non practicing Muslims or cultural muslims out there, that just want to get on with their lives without any trouble. What the key is, they are the minority. Not to put our faith in them as a force to combat Islamic supremacy, and that a growing number of young Muslims instead of becoming part of this “camp” are gravitating or at least sympathising with the extremist camp. A perfect example of this was the Arab spring elections. The secular vote was the minority, their voice the weakest, and their way of life now under threat. To suggest every muslim is bad is wrong. Although in don’t 100% agree with this quote I feel it sums up my position better “Muslims are the first victims of Islam”

  6. bwhahahahah Muslim ethnic cleasing of native Britions in Greater Manchester
    They are creating a “no go” zone , this isn’t any ramdom gang crime
    It ‘s planned and directed from the local mosque. <————-Are you for real hahahaha i know for a fat you have never set foot in a mosque neither do you know any muslims personally to form an opinion your just shouting from the side lines

    @harriet, their is no such thing as a “good” muslim, anyone who
    willingly is a muslim is part and parcel of all that is Isalm, just as
    there are no good nazis, anyone who is a willingly nazi is a POS. <————-You have got to be an American kkkristian bible basher to come out with a rant like that lol

  7. @African Muslim
    harriet didn’t say those things.

    I can explain what D. Austin is saying I believe.
    Planning doesn’t need to involve direct plan of an attack.

    First part of planning is to degrade the victims to be equal to a dog or some other animal.

    Second part of the planning is to make yourself the victim of the dog or other type of animals viciousness. Even when no crime actually took place.

    Third part and last part before any attack is humiliation. There are a number of ways to humiliate the victims.

    Fourth part is the actual attack. I doubt the Mosques actually do the final draft of the attacks that would be a direct violation of law.

    • Read Ghost by Fred Burton. In fact terrorist plans including the first WTC attack and more recently the Mumbai attacks that killed so many were all planned right at a New York Mosque. The Mumbai one was a plan originally set for New york called ‘Landmarks’ When they realized they probably couldn’t pull it off in NYC they moved it to Mumbai.

      So yeah, part IV is also done in Mosques. It is why Mohammed invented them.

  8. Er thank you. OXaO; King for a day? Well I will have to use the British concept and just assume that if the monarchy actually had power, but I get what you mean :). There would be several ways I could try and tackle the issues in the u.k, perhaps some that are the most unfair would be most successful, but I would try my best to be as fair as humanly possible.

    Shariah courts:First step would be to abolish shariah courts and ban the burkha, in the u.k we are way behind other european nations on this. I believe in order for there to be a unified and harmonious society there can only be ONE law. Surely this is a wonderful concept as in theory every body should be equal under the law regardless of race or religion. I feel the danger with Shariah law as we are seeing in the u.k is it continues the seperation between muslims and non muslims. How can we expect muslims to integrate if they have a seperate legal system. Now granted it does not deal with all aspects of the law (at this stage). But I imagine as time passes, there will be a call from the Shariah courts and its supporters to cover more aspects of the British legal system in order to “free up” time and money for the already struggling “alternative system.” I also believe they will continue to expand shariah courts in areas even with very small muslim populations, trying to expand their reach and grasp with an eventual goal that all muslims use the Shariah legal system. Once achieved there will then be a call for non muslims to use the Shariah system, leading to the eventual goal of ONE law in Great Britian i.e a shariah law. The burkha would be banned for the same reason as most European nations state behind the reasons for banning it

    Mosques:Second step would be to sort out the mosque situation. Now I honestly believe in religious freedom. I believe here in the west all should be free to practice their religion openly without fear of persecution and that includes muslims. I would not ban mosque contruction completely, but kind of like ukips policy on immigration perhaps call on a 5 year freeze on mosque construction until we get to the bottom of whats going on. We need to seriously find out which mosques are preaching hate, and close them down. Need to set a fair and practical legal precendent to the planning applications on building new mosques, which could be applied to all new construction. For example are we to ban minarets, megamosques, traffic violations, what kind of area it is to be built, population of muslims in area, population:size of mosque ratio etc. We need to close down all illegally operating mosques, that operate under the guises of “community centers”, and informal mosques that are open across the country. I think once the situation has been sorted as best we can, then I think it would be okay to finish the freeze and allow construction of mosques to continue.

    Muslim enclaves: We need to seriously tackle the problem of muslim ghettos within Britain. It has no benefit to integration or the social cohesion of the country. I honestly find it very difficult to figure out how to solve this problem. You cannot forcibly move people with private ownership of housing, and even if you could do it (potentially with public housing), Would taking the kind of people you see in say tower hamlets, and dumping them in a devon council estate really be the best thing for social cohesion? I very much doubt it. Even if the state were to try and break up these enclaves, if there were not mass rioting at the attempt, it would not make much difference in the long run anyway. I do not believe it was a co-ordinated effort to form enclaves, I feel it is the most natural of thing for foreigners to do in another country. If you look at any expat community in a foreign nation, the habit is to group amongst people you know, such as the British expat community in say spain or thailand. Plus if say you succesfully broke up muslim enclaves, they would only spring up again as the muslim population continues to grow at an alarmingly faster pace than the non muslim population. I think the only possible solution would be if non muslims started having more children and then started to encroach onto muslim areas “diversifying the area” thus changing the ethnic and cultural make up of that area (infact in a similar manner to the muslim method).

    immigration: I feel we need a complete halt to outside immigration from any nation at all, until we can get control of our borders and figure out whos here. I think their should be say a 5-6 year freeze for European or western nations, and a 10-20 year freeze for third world countries (with exceptions through a vigorous vetting process). But once again even if you theoretically halted all immigration, then attempted on the integration of the muslim population, the birth rate is still much higher than their non muslim counterparts, so in the long run it will be tough.

    Crime: immediate deportation of all foreign criminals, muslim or non muslim, european or whoever. I think the specific crime of jihad/terror related offences should result in immediate deportation for any one convicted. That does not include sympathisers, but just those convicted and sentenced for jihad crimes. I feel they should be immediately deported to the country of their original origin, or were their ancestors came from. If the person is mixed race, or ethnically british I feel they should be sent to the nearest shariah state so they can live in a place that they clearly would be much happier (this would be after they finished their sentence). I imagine the problem with this would be finding a state to accept them.

    Birth rate: For me this is the most important issue with regards to the downfall of the west in the long run. Not only the u.k but every european nation in particular. As we all know western civilisations are on the decline. We are basically self annihilating ourselves. The muslim population both abroad and within our nations are multiplying at alarming rate. All the measures in place will not stop this process. And even if you theoretically converted or deported all muslims (which would be a very extreme way which I do not support), we would still have a declining population and still be on the road to self destruction. I believe for example in Japan a monocultural society, without a problematic muslim population, a nation that does not accept asylum seekers, they have one of the lowest birth rates in the world. It has now got to the stage were pampers are sold more to old people than to babies. It was therro sarrazin (spelling) the ex german banker which really highlighted the issue of demographics (albeit in the german context). He said the people who are aged 45, in Germany there is around 1.3 million, those that are aged 20, there is around 900,000, and those at the age of 1 or 2 (cant remember) there is 600,000 (all ethnic germans). So as time passes, the Germans (a story repeated across europe) they are effectively destroying themselves. As the islamic preachers, and nutjobs like Gaddafi said, their victory will come from the wombs of their women, which is 100% correct. I have not heard one politician even mention how they would fix this problem. I think marine le pen did mention that if she was elected in france she would adress the problem of French families not having children.

    So If I was king for a day thats what I would do. And even under a theoretic possibility that I was king for a day with ultimate power, I would struggle to solve the problems we face, it still would not be an easy task. Now if we realistically see were we are at now, with the destroying leftist policies, media, liberal acceptance, putting our heads in the sand. And the amount of time it would take for something to be done about the problems we face (particularly in the u.k were we do not have proportional representation), I fear there is very little that will be done to solve the problems. On a european scale, through proportional representation voting system I feel someone such as Geert Wilders, or Marine le pen, Danish peoples party could take a majority Govt. I do not particularly agree with alot of what they say but I feel it is too late at this stage to go for a softly softly approach. Again theoretically even if they did get a majority Govt it may be a hollow victory. As through the democratic process they could be voted out at the next election, and the next Govt could completely reverse any changes made. This compiled with the fact that in Denmark and Holland there are now islamic parties that have formed and entered the democratic process, that will naturally grow from strength to strength as the muslim population does and the dutch/danish population declines. So in that sense in the u.k the first pass the post system is both a curse and a blessing in disguise. It would also seem that the resistance in the form of the edl (again I do not agree with the way in which they protest nor 100% of what they say) is most prominant within the u.k than in europe. If things will progress as they are, the dangerous precendent of one organisation being able to mobilise several hundered people in over 40 or so locations across the country, or several thousand in one place would infact be a huge advantage if things were to turn seriously sour a decade or two down the line. Something the europeans do not currently have. They have their ballot boxes, but if law and order was to break down as we have seen in the u.k during the london riots, it may be up to armed civilians to protect the people.

    So not very positive ending there. And sorry for the huge post, kind of opened pandoras box on this one lol. Just my views and I may be quite wrong on alot of things, but Iam quite cynical, and I honestly do not know what the future holds for this nation or even europe. Before I started doing research into the muslim problem, I always thought it was solely linked to the u.k. I used to think, well I can always leave and go somewere else. Only to find the problem is everywere….

  9. African muslim: Instead of coming on here and shouting down peoples ideas, why not debate with them and put your point across? You do yourself no favours, and only show yourself to be the very stereotype you are obviously against. Again not all muslims are bad and I stick by this, when you generalise a people it can lead down a very bad road, 6million died through a generalisation and dehuminisation. The point is despite me saying all this I accept and realise there is a major and growing problem with the muslim population within western nations, as well as an ever increasing shift towards islamic supramacy within Islamic nations themselves. If you scroll on this blog site or any of the countless out there and scroll back through every post since the beginning the evidence is clearly there. What evidence do you have to the contrary?

  10. Eyore: not sure if you were referring to me, but this is one of the reasons I personally felt there should be a separation between the jihadi types and gangster types. Obviously the mosque and what is being spread within them is almost always a paramount factor in the radicalisation of Muslim jihadis (along with others such as the Internet etc). But I do not think the behaviour of the gangster types is being pushed at the mosques. I doubt Many of them even attend the mosque, and if they did would the mosque (if radical and pushing an organised agenda) really promote the sinful western lifestyle that the gangster types live? I mean unless of course they try and use them in order to discard them like I believe they are doing with leftist and socialist groups. But even then the fact that attacks are happening up and down the country in different areas would mean that there would have to be a highly organised conspiracy theory going on amongst the mosques with different sects, nationalities in differing organisation.

    For me I think it is an interweaving number of factors that causes this to happen. But the scary thing is it’s not isolated and it’s not going away,just like other muslim specific crimes such as child grooming honour killing etc. When I see on some blog sites they have made the distinction between the jihadi types and the gangster types and relate the actions of the gangster types back to a knowingness to commit these actions in the name of Islam or to follow the example of the prophet. For me the difference is I don’t think there is that knowingness and that Islam is an influence amongst many others. But again the difficulty in my supporting my argument is that Islamic culture is so embedded within Pakistani culture that it is impossible to seperate the two. My only counter argument would be to consider for example the Iranians in California many of which still consider themselves Muslim if only cultural Muslims. In general you never hear too many bad things about them. And again if bad deeds are purely linked back to Islam each time, surely the crimes specific to the u.k and Europe would be mirrored in california.

    Again you have to look at the reason why the Iranians fled to USA in the first place, the history of Iranians in general, and the host nation ie the USA being a completely different contextual setting than Europe. Again, interweaving factors. Both groups are Muslims, but the end results are quite different.

  11. Harriet,tell me why you bothered to only mention 6 million and not the 55 million who died through “hate”? You write such rubbish and are totally fooled if you think there is a moderate Muslim. And coming from Gates of vienna,too. Thought you would be more aware.

  12. DAi

    I believe Harriet expressed his/her beliefs very well. We did open a Pandora’s box but that is fine. I was surprised to read that was her own beliefs.

    She most likely used the 6 million number the National Socialists of Germany was able to kill in their short existence that is what most of us think of first which is fine.

    The total is much closer to 262 million killed by their own governments power mongering. Which makes the threat of our own governments worse then some of the worst diseases. I call it Democide.
    A comparison:
    Islam has manged to murder about 250 million in their total existence.


  13. Anyone ever heard of the “Good German Syndrome”? If you aren’t actively seeking a solution to the problem, then YOU ARE part of the problem. Nobody is participating in any kind of solution for this. No, not the police nor the courts, or the government bureaucrats and especially not the politicians or the royals, and that is truly pathetic, isn’t it?

    But don’t worry, a strong leader will arise as a direct response to all of this, and everyone will treat him like their own personal messiah. Why else would the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis+antithesis=sythesis be applied in such an obvious way?

  14. Roopods6:

    you do make an interesting point.

    Does the leftest in-charge of law and propaganda know what they are doing?

    Charles Manson believed he could start a race war and when the blacks win the blacks would ask him to lead them. It is a mental disorder but is it possible the left calling the shots might actually believe that?

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