Girl, 5, told off at school for talking of God

Why do I suspect that this is not the whole story.  If you click through, you will get a hint that they do not enforce these rules against their muslim students but most likely enforce these rules against non-Muslims in order to accommodate the bullying of Islamic parents. And after several personal interviews with teachers who for obvious reasons need to remain anonymous, I can assure you all that Islamic parents bully the hell out of teachers in public schools.

In any case, the issue below smacks of the worst kind of thought control and selective enforcement, the second being considerably worse than the first as infractions in my world goes.


This is Exeter:

A HEADTEACHER has defended his actions after a religious row erupted at a Devon school where a five-year- old girl told a classmate she would “go to hell” if she did not believe in God.

The youngster, a pupil at Landscore Primary School, Threshers, in Crediton, complained to her mother after she was told off for the comment.

  1. ?Primary school receptionist Jennie Cain, from Crediton, is facing a governors' investigation


    Primary school receptionist Jennie Cain, from Crediton, is facing a governors’ investigation


Her mum, Jennie Cain, who works as a receptionist at the school, is under investigation for professional misconduct after she sent a private email to friends about the matter.

Mrs Cain, of Queen Elizabeth Drive, Crediton, initially complained to Jasmine’s teacher.

Her daughter had come home in tears and said she had been told off for “talking about Jesus”.

The 38-year-old mother was then called into headteacher Gary Read’s office about the matter.

The email, written after this meeting, which asked friends to pray for her and her daughter, fell into the hands of Mr Read.

It allegedly contained claims against the school and its staff.

Mr Read defended the school’s treatment of the matter and said they encouraged all children to “think independently”, but would not condone one child “frightening” another.

He said: “We have 271 children in our school from a diversity of backgrounds.

“We encourage all our children to think independently and discuss their beliefs with their teachers and classmates when it is appropriate to do so.

“What we do not condone is one child frightening a six-year-old with the prospect of ‘going to hell’ if she does not believe in God.

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  1. The children of a muslim friend of mine have told me that other muslim kids in their school (around the age of 9 or 10) had told them: “your father will go to hell, because he does not go to the mosque”. These other muslim kids also taunt the only jewish child in the school with “dirty jew”. Nothing is done by the teachers to stop the muslim kids engaging in far worse behaviour than the 5 year old in this story.

    On the part of the school, it is the racism of low expectations — they don’t expect non-white kids to live up to the same standards as white kids. The consequence? Many of my muslim friends (and in-laws) have left that part of England to go and live in a less racist and less islamised area.

    None of them will complain to the school, nor to the police about muslim gang violence against them. They just move to another town (often 100 miles away) to get away from the problem. They are too scared of being called “racist” to make a complaint about muslims. This moderate muslim is too weak to make complaints to the school about his own children being victimised like this. Presumably the parents of the jewish child are also too scared to complain.

    I tell them their cowardice means their own kids will inherit a more intolerant and more violent world, one that they would not want to live in. If such people won’t stand up for their own kids, what hope is there of getting them to stand up for a general principle?

    The UK government/media/police are proud to crow about the ever-increasing number of prosecutions for “hate crime”. If the murder rate was going through the roof, would they think that was a cause for celebration? It shows that despite 30 years of indoctrination and legislation, multi-culturalism has totally failed.

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