Egyptian Police Prevent Christian Protesters From Reaching Parliament


(AINA) — Egyptian Security forces yesterday prevented a rally of hundreds of Copts and activists from various political groups from reaching the Egyptian Parliament. The rally was staged to condemn the eviction of 8 Coptic families from their homes in El-Ameriya in Alexandria, on January 27 (AINA 2-9-2012).

The protestors were angry at the Parliament Speaker, who ignored last week an urgent request submitted by elected Coptic member of Parliament Dr. Emad Gad, to discuss this issue. The protesters said they wanted to meet with members of parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi parties to inform them of their condemnation of the events in El-Ameriya. Two Copts, Hani Ramsis and John Talaat, were chosen as delegates to the Parliament Speaker to deliver the message “No to reconciliation sittings or to the displacement of the Copts in El-Ameriya.”

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2 Replies to “Egyptian Police Prevent Christian Protesters From Reaching Parliament”

  1. Free speech alert. Under the guise of combating ‘Islamophobia’ the OIC has now reached the stage where it is confident of shutting down all criticism of Islam worldwide, including in America (kiss goodbye to the first amendment). See the final sentence in this article

    “This is widely viewed as a significant step forward in OIC efforts to advance the international legal concept of defaming Islam.”

  2. That is one reason the coming Presidential election is the most important in history, we are voting on freedom or slavery for everyone.

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