US recognizes new government of Maldives

Is there a totalitarian violent despot that Obama doesn’t like? Anywhere?

(AFP) – 3 days ago  

WASHINGTON — The United States on Thursday recognized the new government of Maldives President Mohamed Waheed as legitimate and urged him to fulfill a pledge to form a national unity government.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland also said Robert Blake, the top US diplomat for south Asia, telephoned former president Mohamed Nasheed to tell him Washington backed a “peaceful resolution” of the crisis on the archipelago.

“We do,” Nuland told reporters when asked if Washington recognizes the new government as the legitimate government of the Maldives. She called Waheed the president and Nasheed the former president.

Blake, the assistant secretary of state for south Asian affairs, will travel Saturday to the Maldives to meet with both Waheed and Nasheed, who charges he was ousted in a coup, as well as civil society.

“He will be encouraging this national unity conversation,” she added.

“Blake spoke this morning to former president Nasheed, conveying assurances that the United States supports a peaceful resolution of this,” Nuland said.

Blake assured Nasheed who is facing arrest “that we are also expressing our views to the government that his security should be protected,” Nuland said.

Unrest has spread to the far corners of the nation of more than 1,000 islands, as Waheed struggles to maintain order.

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5 Replies to “US recognizes new government of Maldives”

  1. Well that didn’t take long, did it.

    Meanwhile Israel waits & waits for the support it deserves while the anointed one spends his time & influence in support of anything muslim, particularly muslim brotherhood. The more islamist, the better.

    How can anyone in good conscience even think of voting for this………better not say what I’d like to?

  2. OxAO – good remark

    So the United States of America recognizes a new government which ousted the early president, who last thursday appealed to the world community to help restore democracy in his country while stating that he was toppled by a small group of police officers. So Nasheed: “There were guns all around me and they told me they wouldn’t hesitate to use them if I didn’t resign.”

    The USA backs THIS. The USA backs coups, antidemocracy, self-imposed dictatorial governments and the rule of Sharia. The USA backs the restoration of the caliphate and the global umma. This was, I think, a point of no-return for the actual american government.

    When*Pigs*Fly – Now I began to realize how true the content of this vid is:

  3. John said, “The USA backs the restoration of the caliphate”

    Under Bush I believe it was unintentional by deception under Obama I would guess intentional.

    Either way I am not so sure this is a bad thing.

    We won WWII decisively because we went all in to remove the leadership of any country that opposed us. We have no intention of a full war like that which makes any action a waste of our good men.

    We need everyone to clearly without any doubts see the ugly head of Islam before any real fighting can take place.

  4. Well former president Nasheed is a liar. All along, he has been lying to us, the people of Maldives. About his resignation so far he has given 5 different statements. An hour before his resignation he called the Indian envoy and told him about his resignation. No mention of guns and pressure. later he came in front of public and said he is resigning willingly. He later said he was pressured to resign and was forced to write the letter inside military headquarters. Later in his own party rally his own media official at his office said Nasheed wrote the letter in Presidents Office and gave to him.

    Nasheed is a liar. He went against the constitution he was sworn in to protect.
    Nasheed came to power with the help and support of the Islamic party called Adhalath.
    During his campaign Nasheed promised a mid-term election. Later he said a leader of one of the parties in the coalition forced him to say that. Much later he said the mid-term election was just an idea. When the local council elections came, in campaigning for his party in local elections, he said that the local council elections were the mid-term elections he mentioned. And after he was ousted from Government he said now its time to have the mid-term elections he mentioned and that he said it because he knew this day would come.
    liar liar liar

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