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ABOVE: Moksudur Rahman Chowdhury one of nine men remanded in custody
5th February 2012

By Dominik Lemanski


HARDLINE Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary taught six of the nine fanatics jailed last week for plotting to bomb London.


The firebrand cleric even praised the terror gang as “decent young chaps”.

Choudary claimed he had no idea they planned to kill and maim.

He said: “We cannot be blamed.” But last night a Tory MP called for the preacher to be arrested.

Patrick Mercer said: “This is yet another nail in Anjem Choudary’s coffin. “No one can doubt his connections with active and highly dangerous terrorists who pleaded guilty to their crimes.”

The plotters, British citizens, last week pleaded guilty to preparing for acts of terrorism.

They admitted plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange in a “Mumbaistyle” blitz.

And the al-Qaida-inspired gang also planned attacks on the American Embassy and Houses of Parliament . The radical Islamists intended to send mail bombs to prominent targets including London Mayor Boris Johnson.

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  1. Muslims who grow up in Islamic nations know no better. They are brainwashed with the Koran from childhood, but Muslims who grow up in the West, what is their excuse?
    Anjem Choudary is a man who could have had it all. He trained as a lawyer, but has since dropped the suit and tie for pyjamas and slippers and a silly hat. Why would he do this?
    I seriously think that he may be mentally ill.

  2. I know the exact solution to the problem. To quote Commander Norrington in the first Pirates of the Caribean: A short drop and a sudden stop!

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