Muslim Brotherhood repeats: No talks with Israel

Kinda odd cause I dimly remember Ikhwan saying something like there would be no changes in the peace deal with Israel right before the election in Egypt and the US admin buying it hook, line, sinker, rod, boat, and lake.

From the J-Post:

Spokesman says dialogue with Jewish state ‘not up for discussion.’

Supporters of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.By REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood categorically rejects dialogue with Israel, the group’s spokesman told an Arabic newspaper in an interview published Wednesday.

Mahmoud Ghazlan told London’s Asharq Alawsat daily that the Islamist group’s position is “clear and not up for discussion.” Ghazlan denied his organization had been contacted by Israel’s embassy in Cairo, and said it would “reject any request from the Israeli embassy to meet with leaders of the Brotherhood.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told Army Radio on Tuesday that Israel “has not closed the door” to the new government in Cairo and “would be happy to conduct dialogue with anyone prepared to talk with us.” Palmor said he believes Egypt would continue to honor the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, which he said serves the interests of both countries.

Ghazlan flatly rejected the prospect of talks with the Jewish state.

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2 Replies to “Muslim Brotherhood repeats: No talks with Israel”

  1. Of course the muslim brotherhood won’t have talks with Israel. They know Israelies are smarter than they are. Israel won’t believe their bs like the Europians do. Israel has also learned that negotiating with these people is a complete waste of time. So don’t worry. We won’t be seeing any serious overtures from Israel to engage with these bastards.

    Sure a muslim brotherhood smoothy could pull the wool over eyes of your average barely literate egyptian but if you put him across the table from an educated Israeli diplomat, he would poop himself to death.

    Furthermore if the muslim brotherhood goon so much as aggreed with Israel that the sky can be sometimes blue, he would be promptly killed by some other arab nut. And who can we thank for that precedent? The muslim brotherhood themselves, who killed Sadat for signing the Camp David Accords.

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