Texas Ranchers Using AK47s to Defend Against Cartel Invaders

It is a simple truism that freedom, will require the individual to be able to employ force in it’s defense. We can see that everywhere in the world where hubris made the people, demand that government, disarm the people. It doesn’t take long at all before people willing to use the force that the people forego, set the agenda for all.

From Stand With Arizona:

By on January 22, 2012 in Blog, News

The border is “safer than ever”. So says DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Again and again.

Barack Obama has mocked those who say the border is unsafe: “Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat. They’ll never be satisfied.”

But for Texas ranchers in the Rio Grande Valley, the border has never been more dangerous. And they are stocking up with the hardware to do the job that the Feds refuse to do – AK47 rifles to defend their property and lives from border violence.

Barbed wire fencing doesn’t keep illegal aliens off the property anymore. One Starr County, TX rancher doesn’t have time to worry about the illegals these days. He now worries about the smugglers protecting their loads.

“I don’t think they would have any conscience of taking someone’s life,” the rancher says.

He saw that will to kill firsthand. A smuggler shot at him on his own land.

“One round was fired at me, and it missed my head by about two feet,” says the rancher.

He says there’s only way to react.

“Fire all the rounds you have, reload, and do it again,” says the rancher.

The local Armory Gun Store says business has been brisk for AK-47s and AR-15s from “countless” ranchers reporting break-ins and home invasions. But this rancher said no matter how many guns they buy, they will always be “outgunned” by the cartels.

I guess these ranchers didn’t get the memo from Obama and Big Sis that their border is “safer than ever”.

What will they want next….a moat?

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2 Replies to “Texas Ranchers Using AK47s to Defend Against Cartel Invaders”

  1. I wish the news media would learn that an assault rifle is a selective fire weapon, it fires both full and semi auto based on which way the selector switch is turned.

    Personally I would prefer an AR10 or M1A to and AK or AR15, both are actually underpowered, the AK uses a round less powerful then the 30-30 and the AR15 uses the .223 Remington that was designed for shooting coyotes.

    Having gotten that off my chest (again) despite what the large government groups want us to think we are all the final line of defense of our families and out lives. When the government refuses to enforce the laws and protect us we have no one to fall back on besides ourselves. At least I live in a country where theoretically we are all allowed to defend ourselves with weapons. I also live in a small town in the Midwest where the law enforcement officials also think that way.

  2. thankfully, the UK has nothing aproaching the scale of American gun crime.
    it will be a bad day when we need to be armed in our own homes.
    as a licenced gun owner, i dread the day i have to live with one as a constant companion.

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