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5 Replies to “Muslim groups want burka bans in Canada EXTENDED to more sectors”

  1. Eeyore on the burka ban. You sound happy about this. It is good you changed your mind on this law. When you first started this site you were against the ban.

  2. I still think totalitarianism, other than for short term things like serious wars, is the worst way to deal with issues. Less regulations, more freedom is the way. Giving governments yet another lever of power to selectively enforce depending on who controls the government is the single worst way to handle anything. Look at the hate-speech laws for instance. A freaking disaster.

    Make it legal for us all to discriminate again for what is in our own interest and the burka goes away. And yes, for public things like buses and aircraft and so on it should be forbidden to wear a disguise of any kind and the answer is just to STOP MAKING AN EXCEPTION to existing rational laws for Muslims.

    Really the problem is an easy one to fix but we are so used to asking government for solutions that never, ever, ever should even be the province of government that we let them build us into a cage. Initially one we like, then the wrong guy gets the jail-keepers key and we are screwed.

  3. Thanks… I agree with your statements.

    It is analogues to under Hindenburg they set up gun bans in Germany to fight the Brown shirts. But that backfired in their face

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