India Announces intention to tap Iran’s oil

From People of Shambhala.
India will “endeavor in future to tap the Iran[ian] source [of oil] fully because the terms are fairly favorable,”India’s Oil Minister S. Jaipal Redd announced at an energy conference on Monday.

A delegation from India went to Tehran last week to discuss payment for crude oil. Reddy reported that “Iran was very accommodative.”

India’s announcement comes at a moment of heightened tensions between Iran and the USA over Tehran’s nuclear program, and over the alleged planned assassination of the Saudi ambassador to Washington DC. Tehran demanded an apology over the accusation, and denies that it is trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

Reddy says that although India respects United Nations sanctions it will not… read more.

2 Replies to “India Announces intention to tap Iran’s oil”

  1. Don’t be suprised.

    The cowardice of Gandhi and Nehru has made India seek to be neutral at all times. even towards the Islamic states that despise it and keep it out of the OIC.

    I’m not saying neutrallity doesn’t have it’s benefits. But what is the point when India already sufferes badly when it comes to Islamic terror.

  2. There are reports in the financial papers that a deal has been made, India will buy the oil for gold delivered to a bank in Turkey.

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