Hate crime charges in England, only apply against whites

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The recent convictions in the Stephen Lawrence trial have caused some controversy. It seems no effort will be spared to bring the killers to justice. However, some serious questions need to be asked of media coverage of the case. Was a fair trial even possible, given the level of frenzied media reporting?

Newspapers have jeopardised the outcome of trial proceedings before. And it is becoming increasingly obvious that editors shrink from covering violent crimes by ethnics because of fears of accusations of racism.

The suggestion is the huge media attention was accorded the case simply because Gary Dobson and David Norris are white.

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4 Replies to “Hate crime charges in England, only apply against whites”

  1. That’s it. I’m tired of fighting the good fight. I’ve decided to join the left. I’m going to hospital tomorrow to have part of my brain removed, the annoying, painful part that enables me to think.
    After this, I’m going to have a change of lifestyle. I’m going to give homosexuality a try, then I can go on all the ‘Queers for Palestine’ demos. Next, I’ll enrol on a University course. Peace Studies sounds like a good bet. I can’t wait to try my hand at writing essays on how warmongering the West is and how peaceful Muslims are, how 9/11 was caused by the Jews, and how evil Christianity is, whilst proclaiming of course that all religions are evil, but only ever criticising Christianity and constantly reminding people that I’m an atheist.
    After I’ve done all this and after I’ve constantly reminded my friends how evil white people really are (even though I’m white myself) and told everyone that I meet that I’m smarter than they are (because I’ve been to university), I will then go back home, stick my own head up my arse and wait for the Muslims and the Marxists to take over.
    When they finally come to get me and take me away, I’ll be in such a state of ecstasy, due to my own self-righteousnous that I won’t even notice when they tie me to a post and shoot me!
    Mmmm, ignorance will be bliss!

  2. The true home of racism is on the left, they will however only be racist towards the Whites and Jews. I have no idea how anyone with two working brain cells can fail to see this.

    As far as the conviction in the Stephen Lawrence case, what happened to the idea of no double jeopardy? Oh that’s right the left thinks laws like that aren’t needed, the left needs the right to keep their chosen minorities happy and the majority of the people pushed down.

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