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7 Replies to “Walid Shoebat explains and translates/exposes the culture of genocidal hatred in Gaza”

  1. Eyeore,

    MK Ibrahim Sarsur is an Israeli Arab (Arab Israeli) member of the Parliament of the government of Israel.

    Almost no one understands:

    The degree of the social-imperception, and obliviousness, and wishful-thinking, and empathy, of Jewish people cannot be fathomed by most people. The Jewish people, in general, are an exceedingly naive, pollyanaish, exceedingly empathetic, psychologically besieged, psychologically overwhelmed, myopic, childlike people. This is the reason that the Jewish people always been in the situation that they have always been in. The Jewish people are, in essence, “Nerds”. In highschool, “Nerds” are given swirlies and are ostracized and shunned. In the world, a people who are “Nerds” are libeled with huge perverse genocidal lies and are mass-murdered.

    The Jewish people need help from good people who are not Jewish.

  2. Another Israeli Arab MP/MK*, Ahmed Tibi, expresses similar sentiments.

    These are not officials of Fatah. These are not officials of Hamas. These are officials of the government of Israel. This is treason against Israel. This is racist genocidal incitement, by these Israeli Arab MPs, against the nation of which these persons are government officials. What country other than Israel would allow this? What people other than the Jewish people would allow this?

    Israeli Arab MP Tibi praises Martyrs as ?height of glory,? their ?blood opens path to liberty?


    MP: Member of Parliament
    MK: Member of the Knesset (the Knesset is the Parliament of Israel (the Knesset is the name of the Parliament of Israel))

  3. (The characters that showed up as question marks in the title of the video that I listed a link to in my previous message were quotation marks of a certain type, and were quotation marks that I copied and pasted from the title of the video on the page of the video, and, apparently, were not recognized by the blog server, and were posted as question marks by the blog server.)

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