Iran: actress should be “put to death” for nude pics

From People of Shambhala.
The Western media has been reporting that Iranian-born actress Golshifteh Farahani has been told not to return to Iran because of her recent nude photo shoot published in Madame Le Figaro magazine.

It’s actually much worse, and a little more complicated than that.

When Egyptian blogger Aliaa Mahdy, 20, published nude photos of herself on her blog in December Egypt exploded.

Although Egypt’s liberals supported her right to self-expression, and while many women hailed her bravery, the country’s religious conservatives in particular were enraged. Mahdy was subsequently threatened with death and rape.

The same is now occurring with Farahani. The Iranian-born actress has been… read more.

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  1. I’m getting sick and tired of all this BS from Muslim Mulla’s. I think it’s high time we declared open war with all Islamic Republics and fix the problem once and for all! No I’m not kidding. Any regime or organisation that even hints at harming women, especially for such lame excuses need to be purged from existence. No more politically correct crap pandering to supposed cultural sensitivities. These Islamists are pure evil – end of flipping argument!

    Ross Lloyd (nickname Conan for good reason)

  2. Lol, careful with what u just said, Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth has 30% of its population… matter what u do, in these life there’s no such thing as 100% people will agreed on something, and yes i’m talking about the other 60% of earthling. Looking back to history…Christianity Shares some commons with Islam…well, we’re all from the house of Abraham afterall….basically doesn’t agree with nudity…

  3. we are all born naked (unless muslims are born with their rags on) so why do we need to feel that we have to cover up every minute of the day??? I agree with “Conan” islam is slowly taking over and they love nothing better than desecrating everything that is not islamic Wether its immobile or not

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