Cutting-Edge Technology: Showcasing Israeli Unmanned Naval Vessel

The Protector unmanned surface vehicle (USV) is an Israeli-developed unmanned vessel using cutting edge technology. Nine meter long, weighting about 4,000 Kg (8,800 lbs) and reaching a speed of up to 92 Kph (57 mph), the Protector USV is based on former models of unmanned, autonomous, remotely controlled unmanned surface vehicles.

Highly maneuverable and stealthy, the Protector can conduct a wide spectrum of critical missions, without exposing personnel and capital assets to unnecessary risk. Though autonomous, the device can easily be controlled from a shore several miles from the Protector.

Protector USV in Action, Israel, Israeli, Israel Defense Forces, IDF, army, military, navy, Israel NavyThe Protector USV. Photo: Wikipedia

Deployed by the Israeli Navy since 2009, the weapon system carried by the Protector USV is based on Rafael‘s Typhoon remote-controlled, stabilized weapon station, capable of operating various small caliber guns. The highly accurate, stabilized weapon station has excellent hit-and-kill probability.

The high-tech equipment installed on the unmanned vessel, such as highly accurate, stabilized weapons station, search radar and a targeting system with day and night capabilities enables the Protector USV a wide variety of operational functions.

The missions that are entrusted upon this innovative device are varied and complex; it can gather intelligence, take part in naval warfare and act as an anti-terror protection force.
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  1. I can’t help thinking about how much fun the geeks who designed that thing are having. They’re probably all under forty, tons of cash, nice apartments, nice cars, eager to get to work in the morning. Ah…nerd heaven.
    Imagine trying to fight a thing like that? It can see you with its cameras but there isn’t anyone on board to shoot at. It’s like, you’re playing for real and the other guys aren’t. No fair! Ah well, that’s drone technology for you. Imagine what the drones are going to look like in, say, ten years. Or maybe 20. It’s going to look like “The Terminator” for sure.

  2. Interesting, the idea of small light attack craft like that has been around for a long time and up to this date they have been successful in attacking larger vessels but not in being the massive deterrent that the designers hope for. Perhaps this time the idea will work.

  3. Oh, my God. Wouldn’t that freak out the Somalian pirates if you sent those things after them? Hey, why not paint them up real spooky and put sound systems on the things…deep ominous roaring would be unnerving coming out of the mist. Oh, you could make them so they can hear and talk, too. Soulless, killer ghost boats, with no one one board. That might just scare them right out of the pirate business. Oh, and that gun looks like it could put a big slug right between your eyes from a long way off and probably in the freakin’ dark! It’s 2012, after all.

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