Closer ties to Israel upsets India’s Muslims

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India has been working hard to cement its relationship with Israel lately, consequently upsetting many of the southeast Asian nation’s Muslim organizations. On a recent visit to Israel India’s External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna described the two nation states as natural allies, and as facing international terrorism.

During the visit, it was agreed that Israel would be allowed to open an embassy in Bangalore.

Mr. E. Aboobacker, national president of the Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) said in a statement on Friday, January 13, that “India seeking to forge a joint strategy with Israel to deal with the scourge of terrorism is a big joke as the latter over nine decades has been massacring unarmed Palestinians, including women and children, with impunity.”

“it is pertinent to note,” the Mr. Aboobacker said, “that increasing cooperation between New Delhi and Tel Aviv makes India’s stand on Palestine imbroglio a farce,” adding that the closer cooperation contradicted India’s position on the Palestinian issue.

Prof. Basir Ahmed Khan of the Indian Union Muslim League described the visit as a “travesty of justice” adding that “what Israel was facing is an struggle of Palestinians to free their own country from the illegal occupation of Israel; this cannot be equated with terrorism.”

E. M. Abdul Rahiman, Chairman of Popular Front of India, also described the diplomatic visit as… read more.

4 Replies to “Closer ties to Israel upsets India’s Muslims”

  1. India should continue to cement a strong relationship with Israel.
    India is NOT Pakistan and should never turn into Pakistan. Pakistan is a rogue nation that broke away from its parent nation and is a prime example of what happens when Islam gets control of anything – it all turns to excrement.
    The Leftists, the Muslims, the Muslim terrorists and the ne’er-do-wells will predictably have their little rants, but India should remain firm and support Israel. Frankly, I’m not interested anymore in listening to Muslims having their usual toddler tantrums, I’m more concerned whether or not Israel is getting support and whether or not the truth is being told. India can be a powerful ally to Israel and should continue to work towards achieving that.
    Ignore the critics, India!

  2. good news indeed!
    India is, potentialy, the wests greatest ally in the fight against islamism and the failing state of pakistan.

  3. indian muslims are traitors to india. already they split india into three parts for the sake of islam. what more they want. if anything more. enough is enough . vacate hindu lands – you are welocome in saudi arabia

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