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5 Replies to “Pamela Geller on the Oklahoma sharia law decision”

  1. Sharia is purely and simply a system of evil. Reminds me of a broader version of Nazi policies. How did the possibility of Sharia law even get to a stage in Oklahoma that would required comment let alone a vote? Are these people insane? Anyone who even raised the issue for consideration should be deported to Iran on the next flight out!

  2. Bravo Pamela for explaining the facts on this legislation, written poorly, 70 Percent approval, but who took it to appeal???? The islamic slugs, funded by a-rab money, looking for loop holes,
    Hopefully they rewrite it soon, and make a stand against backward sharia lovers

  3. I am glad to see and hear that there are still people very upfront at fighting this cancer called ‘Shariah’. This obscene system is completely juxtaposed to our system of democracy and must be stopped by every means possible. Thank you Pamela for your contribution.

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