Mosquebusters is knocking them down left, right, and center! (mostly left though)

This is really amazing. Mosque-busters is now winning his applications to stop various Islamic structures from being built without even having to physically show up at council.

Stopped a big one in Luton

Stopped a big one in Luton

The Luton Mosque outfit who were going to take over a former army barracks right in the centre of Luton have been stopped.

This was one that boasted of fundraising for Ayatollah Khamenei’s organisation. Ayatollah Khamenei is the world’s foremost terror financier – the supremo of Iran, a wanted human rights criminal in the Hague, the controller of Hizballah, implicated in the execution of a Lebanese head of state, the controller of the Iranian Gestapo (the “basij”), and the man who maintains the death contract on Salman Rushdie.

The Council say the decision not to sell the land cheaply to this mosque outfit this was as a result of a Council meeting in December. But that is a lie. It was as a result of a very angry public meeting on 24thMarch 2011 where the Council didn’t cover themselves in glory.

I have never been at meeting so violent in tone. The mosque followers were flash-mobbing, half the room was shouting, and I had to have a police escort out at the end. Saying rude things about a wanted human rights criminal (Khamenei) can make you the most hated man in the room.

This was a fishy proposal from the start.

First, why not use the land for housing? Council Policy says the land should be used for “predominantly residential and commercial uses”:

The town is clearly facing severe problems in terms of meeting the housing needs of local people…Particular problems facing the town include…

    • high levels of demand for housing, particularly social housing,
    • severe shortage and high cost of suitable building land within the town

But someone in the Council – they’re not saying who – a offered this prime development site to the Masjid E-Ali mosque outfit for £1.5 million.

Why? And what investigation would they do about it? When I asked these questions, the Council flannelled, stalled, and gave no answer.

Second, this mosque outfit. They’re called “Masjid E-Ali”. As usual, they billed the mosque as a “community centre” for people of all communities – you know the routine. But ‘Masjid’ means ‘Mosque’. Besides, there’s a perfectly good community centre around the corner.

On their website, they boasted that they already had the contract to purchase the site from the Council, for £1.5m.

They also boast that they have a certificate of permission to raise funds from two senior Ayatulluhs:Ayatullah Sistani of Iraq, and Ayatullah Khamenei of Iran.

So who are these two Ayatullahs?

Ayatullah Sistani is a hardline Iraqi cleric. He is on record as saying that gay people should be executed in the “worst, most severe way“. I hope Luton Council bears that in mind when it next celebrates “Luton in Harmony” day.

And it’s not just gays he’s got it in for. He doesn’t like you and me much either. According to him, we Kafir are No 8 of the 10 “essentially unclean” things. We rank below “1. Urine, 2. Faeces, 3. Semen, 4. Dead body, 5. Blood, 6. Dog, and 7. Pig” but above “9. Alcoholic liquors, and 10. The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat”. Basically, you and I are worse than shit according to one of the men this mosque outfit have gone to for endorsement.

The other Ayatullah is Ayatullah Khamenei, the organ-grinder to Ahmedinejad.

It gets worse. According to their website, the mosque have promised to give 50% of what they raise to the organisation of Ayatollah Sistani and 50% to the organisation of Ayatollah Khamenei.

So that’s 50% to the mosque, 50% to Sistani, and 50% to Khamenei, but maths isn’t my strong point.

This mosque is “obliged” to send half its receipts to the top banana of a hostile and dangerous enemy.

So what steps will the Council now take to investigate a mosque organisation committed to handing funds to an organisation controlled by the man who has paid for so many British servicemens’ deaths? I asked them that at the meeting on 24th March 2011, but got no answer to that one either.

Is it a coincidence that the site is a former military site – the “Drill Hall”? A mosque is isn’t just a place of prayer and reflection like a church. Every mosque is modelled on the original mosque in Medina, where death sentences were passed, domestic and military policy instituted, wars planned, arms stored, soldiers trained, and troops dispatched to conquer Arabia.

And the tradition continues: Finsbury Park Mosque, the Munich mosque, many more in Iraq and Afghanistan – all have stored arms.

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey put it right: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

But the good news is that this one has been stopped. It can be done.

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  1. Is there an Australian lawyer out there to help stop mosques in our Aussie suburbs?
    Our council has just happily gone ahead with planning permission for a mosque because there was no way of stopping the approval because they had met all the council parking, noise etc criteria. When the council was questioned on the sect of islam to be adhered to by the mosque goers the person asking the question was basically laughed off with the council saying it had no relevance. There was a big show of male muslims (bully boys) at the meeting but not one muslima to be seen, nothing to do with islam of course, it just so happened that all the muslimas were washing their hair that night and just couldn’t make it

  2. Dear Open Your Eyes Australia,
    I think the dog has got the rabbit on this one if planning permission has been granted. Sorry!
    I’m guessing that Australia is the same as Britain in that once planning permission is granted, the only way to challenge it is by judicial review which is only available on a point of law and costs a fortune.
    These applications need to be fought hard, early and efficiently at application stage. Legal guidance is helpful, but they’re political as much as legal. The jugular vein to go for is the cowardice and opportunism of the political class. To that end you need to amass as many written objections (not a petition, but letters and emails) to the proposal as possible – at least 100, but aim for at least 200.
    Sorry, I’m in England, and I don’t know any Australian lawyers prepared to put their heads above the parapet against islam, probably because they could get fired if they do!

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