Good news and bad news for Germany.

The bad news for now. The good news I hope I will have ready by tonight.

Meanwhile, here are two articles about the same issue, one from the Stonegate inst. and Jihad Watch’s article on the destruction of freedom of speech and the criminalizing of criticizing European policy of self destruction through mass Islamic immigration and submission to Islamic culture and law.


German authorities have officially confirmed that they are monitoring German-language Internet websites that are critical of Muslim immigration and the Islamization of Europe.

According to Manfred Murck, director of the Hamburg branch of the German domestic intelligence agency, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), his organization is studying whether German citizens who criticize Muslims and Islam on the Internet are fomenting hate and are thus criminally guilty of “breaching” the German constitution.

The BfV’s move marks a significant setback for the exercise of free speech in Germany and comes amid a months-long smear campaign led by a triple alliance of leftwing German multicultural elites, sundry Muslim groups and members of the mainstream media, who have been relentless in their efforts to discredit the so-called counter-jihad movement (also known as the “Islamophobes”) in Germany.

Click to continue at Stonegate:

And Jihad Watch here::

Please check back tonight for an interesting video from Germany.

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  1. While this may be categorized as “bad” news, it seems to have a positive spin to it – I knew Thilo Sarazzin’s book was a major hit and that a large majority of Germans agreed to him. But the results of the survey your article links to are quite detailed and surprised me pleasantly. Now if only the elite could see that they’re running out of time and that their experiment is completely futile.

  2. There is an easy way to sort out decent muslims from the undesirables. Firstly I do have a number of good friends who are muslim and they are nice and I love them dearly as good buddies. However, if any muslim turns up in a western country with a woman in tow with a bag on her head she should be asked to remove it and destroy it. If the male argues -m either deport him or shoot him on the spot. If the woman complains then deport her back from whence she came as too brainwashed to save. If the man does not object then he is a candidate for immigration and asylum.

    Any advocates of Sharia law should be deported immediately or shot on the spot (if male). End of argument!

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