Here are Fjordman’s original English replies by email to questions from the Berlin-based weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit, where they have been published in German translation in their latest issue. Fjordman once belonged to the Norwegian cultural Left, he even took to being an ‘observer’ in the Palestinian Authority and in Hebron, as well as studying Arabic in Cairo, Egypt. In the aftermath of 9/11 however, Fjordman became disgusted with media’s coverup of the Arab delight over the mass murder in New York and in Washington, noticing that the media behaved in much the same way in their reporting on Israel as well.  KGS

Fjordman: “Europe is the sick man of the world”

I was asked whether it was OK to publish a few of my essays in German, and I said yes. I am currently completing a different kind of book in English called The Curious Civilization, which should be available at some point in 2012. Germany is a very important country for the future of Europe as a whole so it is of great significance to be published there. The title Defending Europe is appropriate in my view because European civilization is going through a low point in its history right now. Today, merely saying positive about the European cultural heritage and the peoples who created it is almost considered a sign of extremism.

Bat Ye’or is one of my spiritual mentors. She has described with frightening precision the organizational and mental mechanisms behind the ongoing Islamization of the Western world.

I have never once met Anders Behring Breivik in my entire life and have been checked out of the case by the police after an extremely thorough investigation that at best operated at the very fringes of what could be considered legal. I am obviously aware of the fact that I am one of the many people who have been quoted a number of times in ABB’s so-called manifesto. I intensely dislike this, as most sensible people would do in my place, but since all of my writings are available on the Internet there is, sadly, little I can do about that. I see no reason why others should be held accountable for the acts of an insane person they have never met.

I did seriously consider quitting as a writer in the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks due to the immense international pressure on my person at that time and because I genuinely felt horrible about being quoted by such a man. Being dragged into the Breivik case against my will is the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life. After coming to my senses and recharging my mental batteries I decided to continue after all. I remain dedicated to the truth. Whatever was true before Breivik is also true after Breivik. If I ever quit as a writer I want this to be my own choice, not something I am forced to do by others.

I have studied Arabic language at the American University in Cairo and lived in Egypt during the terror attacks of September 11th 2001. I am not sure I would describe this as a turning point since I was already growing skeptical of Islamic culture and mentality before that time, but things certainly escalated after this event.

What shocked me the most, though, was not witnessing how happy many Arabs and Muslims were over the mass murder of thousands of unarmed civilians. What shocked me the most was how Western mass media and the political establishment lied about this fact. 9/11 was in my view clearly an Islamic Jihadist act of war against Western civilization, yet the West was in complete denial about this.

I also worked in Israel and the Palestinian territories as an observer in Hebron in 2002 and 2003 and could there see first-hand how biased, anti-Israeli and pro-Islamic much of the media coverage from this region truly is. I myself narrowly missed a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv on April 30, 2003 that was committed by a young Muslim man who was a British citizen. I could literally hear the explosion behind me as I had just left the nice beachfront area where this happened a few minutes earlier. Two of my colleagues were murdered in March 2002 in a Jihadist terror attack by the very Palestinians we were supposed to help. In contrast, I found most Israeli Jews to be friendly, with the partial exception of a few of the most militant settlers.

I haven’t talked a lot about war, I am merely pointing out that Islam declared war against Europe and the rest of mankind 1400 years ago. This is not “extremism.” Mainstream Islam stipulates that Jihad should continue until every single corner of our planet has been firmly placed under Islamic rule. Portraying Europeans as aggressors after having been at the receiving end of an unprovoked Islamic campaign of aggression and conquest for over a thousand years is patently absurd.

That being said, I am very much against some of the policies currently pursued by Western government and political elites. I am personally in favor of a strategy the American writer Lawrence Auster has dubbed separationism: We should physically separate ourselves from Islam and everything Islamic as much as is practically possible in an age of global communications, and limit ourselves primarily to brief interventions only when these countries pose a direct military threat to us.

Undermining secular leaders like Mubarak in Egypt and aiding radical Islamic forces, as Western leaders have been busy doing following the so-called Arab Spring in 2011 that looks more and more like a Sharia Winter, is stupid and dangerous and could backfire badly.

While Muslims and other outsiders are now infiltrating Western societies, it is unlikely whether they would have been able to do so without exploiting the internal decay and decline of the West itself. I sometimes fear that we are stuck in a form of ideological civil war within the Western world between Westerners and post-Westerners, between those who still hold emotional and practical loyalty to traditional European cultures and nations and those who want to dismantle European nations through promoting open borders and mass immigration.

Islam is, strictly speaking, a secondary player in this game, but a very dangerous one nonetheless. The champions of cultural Marxism or Marxism in its many forms have contributed to Western decline, but there are other forces at work here as well.

Europe is today the sick man of the world, but Islam is not a cure for that disease. Islam does not solve any problems; it only makes already existing problems worse and adds additional ones. Arabs remain conscious of and deeply attached to their history and heritage, as do the Chinese, Japanese and many other peoples.

Europeans must learn to do the same once more. I think most of the answers to our current challenges can be found within our own, very rich cultural heritage, but if we have to borrow from other societies it is better to do so from successful ones such as the East Asian countries, not from failed Muslim countries.

One of the very few things we can learn from Arabs is not to hand out citizenship like candy to people who happen to set foot on our soil. Arabs from oil-rich Gulf countries such as Qatar, Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates rarely grant citizenship to foreigners, even if they have lived and worked there for many years.

They certainly don’t make the natives pay immigrants huge sums of money in welfare support so that they can import their relatives from abroad in “family reunification” and make them citizens as well. Guest workers in Dubai work and then they go home, unlike the Turks who are currently colonizing Germany. If Arabs can take proper steps to ensure their national survival and expel large numbers of illegal aliens without being branded as “racists,” why can’t Europeans do the same?


  1. Thank you for posting this Vlad….

    Clarity is a wonderful thing….a pity many of our political leaders have not the vision Fjordman has….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Fjordman is a breath of fresh air and common sense amidst the nihilistic stale winds of a self-hating Euro left. A diehard realist. For the life of me, I will never ever understand the ideological filth, indeed poison of post-modern marxists and their dreams of a post-western world along with their arrogant cognative disonance in thinking they can actually modulate the forces they have unleashed upon us all. Sort of as if their necks are somehow immune to the muslim’s scimitar. what cowardly fools they are.

  3. We`re proud to have fjordman among us. He is a true whistleblower. The political establishment is on the other side buried with their heads in the sand. One rainy day we will pay the price for their denial.

  4. thesweede says:
    Thank you Fjordman!
    I wish that we had many of your caliber in Sweden. In theese days, after Anders Behring Breivik all politicians in Scandinavia, except for Sverigedemokraterna, seemes to be afraid of saying the truth abouth the muslim ideologi of conquering the entire world.
    You are inspiring us not to be silent! Thank you!

  5. Fjordman aka Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen is the Jewish Zionist is the man behind Anders Brevick who murdered ironically Norweigian socialist victims themselves victims of brainwashing Zionists commies! Which is what they want the Zionist manipulators! If Fjrodman was a CXhristian Norweigian he would be in jail now for incitement and to acts of murder! Because Fjordman is a Zionist Jew he gets away with it!

    “Peder Jensen is the Zionist extremist/anti-Islamic blogger known as Fjordman. One of his articles from 2007 is entitled “Why Europeans Should Support Israel”. Jensen’s outspoken support for Israel and Zionism and his non-Nordic appearance (and his father’s) have led some to speculate that he may be partly Ashkenazi Jewish.”


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