No go zones in Sweden

This is what “no-go-zones” actually mean. That Muslims take over an area and act so aggressively towards the host state that services cannot be delivered to the area, effectively ending national soverighnty there. This is no joke. Across the formerly-free world there are now thousands of zones where to varying degrees the state has given up on one aspect of state services or another and, as far as I am aware, all of them are Muslim and this is in keeping with the Al-Queda handbook of instructions which I will post again later.

From The Local:

Malmö dwellers forced to deliver their own mail

Published: 13 Jan 12 17:20 CET | Double click on a word to get a translation

As postal workers assigned to the Malmö district of Seved feel too threatened to carry out their duties, the residents themselves will now have to deliver their own post.

”You do what you have to do, we have to solve it somehow. And we have no idea how it will work before we have tried, that’s how I look at it,” Swedish Postal Service (Posten) district manager Rolf Weiffert to local paper Skånska Dagbladet.

For months, Seved has been plagued by continuing problems.

Threatened postal workers in the area were forced to carry panic alarms and many residents say they don’t dare go out at night.

From February 1st, two residents in the area will help authorities deliver mail to some 500 households in the area.

The Posten and Malmö city will be co-operating on the project, which will begin as a 6 month trial project and focus on getting young people engaged in postal delivery, according to the newspaper.

“I’m satisfied,” Anders Malmquist, district manager with the city of Malmö, said.

“Young adults get an insight and an understanding of how it is to work in the postal service.”

The two young people who will deliver the letters are currently being recruited.

They will be employed for 12 months by Jobb Malmö, a community project, and get introductory education by the postal system, followed by an internship and, the plan is, eventual employment as a postal worker.

The municipality sees the venture mostly as a workforce project to steer the unemployed youth into work life, even if the idea itself stems from criminality and the lack of safety that has come to characterize the area.

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5 Replies to “No go zones in Sweden”

  1. That should not stand. They should prosecute anywone interfering and send in the army if necessary. That they are capitulating is why it is working.

  2. The problem is that we don’t have much of an army any more. Our traitors have seen to that. And most of it is fighting wars abroad, in Afghanistan mostly but also in Libya before. Although we are supposed to be a neutral country officially, we have sided with NATO anyway. The rest of it, the one still placed in Sweden are not much. If you look on a map, we have a very long coastline to the east and not so long to the west. But according to retired lieutenant colonel and military historian Stellan Bojerud, the current army can only defend Arlanda Airport for as long as it takes for the first CNN-team to arrive. So basically as bad as it is, anyone who can mount an army of lets say 10000 mercenaries could easily take our country. If they do, I surely hope they shoot all the traitors the first thing they do after having consolidated their powers.

  3. I forgot to add that it looks like the traitors have already planned their escape route as it is concentrated to defend the capital. So when the CNN-team arrives, they have probably already discreetly vanished abroad, so that the foreign reporters have to interview our new masters instead.

  4. This whole thing about Seved being a Muslim problem.. I don’t think that’s the case.. From what I’ve heard (got a friend living in the neighbourhood) it’s basically just one or two families that are really messed up, with the local neighbourhood kids tagging along in doing crime.. + that in Malmö there are lots of weapons,violence and gangs, and if that’s what you see when you’re young, that’s how you’re going to make your impression on the world.
    And as the user above clearly pointed out, our government works against us with counter-productive measures like concentrating THE WHOLE COMPLETE CUSTOMS UNIT against drugs & alcohol, and NONE, not one single DOG was used to counter the gun flow through Öresundsbron. It’s a disgrace and a shame that the Swedish people (including myself) accepts what the government is doing to our laws and our country. We have the highest youth unemployment rate in Europe, we have a right wing government, and YESTERDAY the leader for the leftist party quit his position (we have a leftist party without a leader). And without any real predecessor. How are we going to be able to vote left in the election 2014? We probably wont, cus by then we’ve all been spoonfed the propaganda of our government and we’ll just pick them again. If we even did the last time.
    Sweden is a country of soft dictatorship.. The more you read, the more you learn.

    Google Corruptio blogg to see what the criminal government of Sweden is involved in. Without a functioning legal system, your democracy is turned into soft dictatorship (even a soft facist state)

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