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4 Replies to “The 3 stages of jihad”

  1. It is odd how these people are mirroring what their intellectual ancestors did 1300 years ago.

    The sad thing is that this shows that even when they only believe peace is either the run up to conquest or the result of a successful conquest. There is no other real peace in arabised thinking.

    How can you engage in serious diplomacy with a culture that believes that?

  2. Khad ah is an element of stage 2. It is the military version of taqiyya. Search “Khad ah deception” when looking up info as it is also a place name.

    Khad ah is the use of deception in military strategy to hide the islamc supremicists true intentions.

    It could be argued that America is actually in the beginning of stage 2, and not stage 1. The allies they are currently duping are various leftist and libral organizations.

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