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6 Replies to “The United Nations put the flag at half mast and gave a minute of silence for Kim Jong Il. Below, a short account of his legacy”

  1. Welcome to the world the left wants to whitewash. Probably the worst thing about societies like North Korea is the way they manage to dehumanize everyone, the victims and the criminals.

  2. Shame, shame, on the UN. Is this what the nations of the world have been reduced to, honoring the North Korean regime like this?

    Keep this YouTube clip, show it to anyone you know who would even THINK along the lines of trashing Western democracies.

    Eventually the Big Lies will be exposed for what they are.

  3. Notice how the pitiless geezer speaks: there is no hint of remorse! Like some creature straight from planet zombie, he carried out the torture and death with “pleasure”. What can one say!

  4. Of course there is no remorse, the culture he as raised in doesn’t see his actions being wrong so he doesn’t, this is where the left makes their mistake in teaching that all cultures are equal.

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